With a busy schedule and stressful routine and irregular hours of sleep, it comes as no surprise that most truck drivers are overweight. Getting stuck in traffic jams and dealing with shipper delays on a routine basis, means HGV drivers usually have no set eating pattern. As a result of all this anxiety, unfortunately, more than 80 per cent of truck drivers are affected by a disease called Metabolic Syndrome which increases the risk of getting diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

To avoid all this, it’s very important for truckers to exercise regularly (even if it is only for 15 minutes daily!) and take care of their eating habits. It’s a good practice to pre-plan for long journeys and carry healthy snacks in the truck at all times. This would mean avoiding unnecessary breaks at fast food stops (Not to mention saving money!)

Here are some suggestions for healthy snacks which are easily available in the supermarkets and at truck stops:


Nuts are a great source of healthy fat and protein. They keep you feeling fuller for long. However, the trick is to avoid salted and flavoured versions which actually have more calories than nutrients.


Yoghurts are good for digestive health especially Greek yoghurt.


Fresh fruits make an excellent quick snack. Vitamin C found in fruits like oranges and kiwis help build an immune system and fibre keeps you full for long. Too many sugary fruits can have an adverse effect though so it’s best to maintain a balance always.


When at the truck stops, always try to go for healthier options like pre-packed sandwiches from the deli section or a turkey or chicken sandwich at a diner.

These are of course only a few snack ideas. There are lots of other foods you can pick like plain popcorn, oatmeal, and cheese strings to name a few. Eating healthy is the key to avoiding disease and managing a tough routine as a truck driver.