Dough! Pizza Truck Crash Causes Motorway Havoc

A huge loss for pizza lovers occurred recently on a Wednesday afternoon when an 18-wheeler transporting frozen pizzas crashed on a motorway in Arkansas. The impact caused the trailer to slice open and scatter pizzas and boxes all over the place. The pizzas belonged mainly to DiGiorno and Tombstone.

The spillage caused such a havoc that authorities had to close down the westbound lanes of the cross country Interstate, for more than four hours and the eastbound for an hour. The traffic was disrupted and the highway authorities actually had to use a tractor to clear the huge pizza mess!

The incident occurred just south of Little Rock, on Interstate 30, in front of the Arkansas Department of Transportation Office. Thankfully there were no injuries, according to the Agency Spokesman Danny Straessle. However, some people were shaken up and a lot of pizza did go wasted. The motorway got an unexpected topping. A combination of pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni along with spilt diesel turned the place into a ‘slippery spot’ which was not easy to clear up for the cleaning crew.

The HGV loaded with frozen pizzas scraped a bridge support and ended up littering the Interstate 30 with pizza boxes. Damage to the bridge is believed to be only cosmetic but seeing all those ‘pizza fatalities’ was definitely a disturbing sight for pizza lovers. ‘We need more dough FOR highways, not ON Highways’, the transportation department joked.

This one-of-its kind incident attracted quite a lot of attention, especially by social media. Quite a few jokes were tweeted about it. However, there were also some serious questions about the capability of the HGV drivers.

There is no news about who missed out on their pizza delivery that day but it was marked as a sad day in the history for pizzas.