If you’re considering a professional HGV driving career, you’ll need to undertake a theory test during the process. 

This assessment evaluates your knowledge of the road and includes an interactive hazard perception test – but what does it involve, and how long do you have to complete it?

What is the HGV theory test? 

The HGV theory test is made up of two parts, the multiple-choice questions and the hazard perception test.

You’ll complete 100 multiple-choice questions first, followed by the hazard perception test, completed on-screen at your local driving theory test centre. It’s vital to point out that you must pass your theory test before you can book your practical test.

To pass your theory, you must reach a minimum pass mark of 85/100 on the multiple-choice, and 67/100 on the hazard perception. 

What is the HGV hazard perception segment?

The HGV hazard perception test is part of the HGV theory test, designed to assess your reactions to developing dangers on the road. 

The DVLA defines a hazard as anything that forces you to change your speed or take immediate action to avoid an accident. Passing the hazard perception demonstrates that you:

  • Are aware of the hazards you may encounter whilst driving
  • Know how to react to them before they develop into an accident
  • Have sufficiently fast reactions to such hazards to stop them developing 

What’s included in the hazard perception test?

After answering your multiple-choice questions, the hazard perception will start. The instructions outlining how to use the software will appear beforehand, such as clicking your mouse when you first spot a hazard. It will also warn you that repeatedly clicking will lead you to fail the test.

Then, the test will start – you’ll be shown 19 video clips to respond to, each lasting 60 seconds. The format is standard across all the videos, with various hazards shown from the driver’s perspective. 18 of the clips contain one hazard while 1/19 contains two, meaning you’ll need to keep alert throughout. 

Examples of the hazards you can expect include:

• Pedestrians suddenly crossing without looking

• Vehicles pulling out onto the main road suddenly

• Hazardous driving conditions, such as icy roads

• Cyclists who don’t indicate

• Emergency vehicles

• HGVs and tractors obstructing your view ahead

The more mock hazard perception tests you complete in the run up to your test, the better. Being well practised ensures you will be more confident at identifying hazards, will be familiar with the test formatting, and means you will know what to expect when you take your real test – helping you feel more relaxed and less stressed. 

How long do I have to complete the HGV hazard perception test? 

You’ll have two hours to complete the theory test: one hour and 15 minutes are dedicated to the multiple-choice section, whilst 45 minutes are allocated to the hazard perception. 

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