Soon you might not have to worry even if you forget to carry your purse with you. DVLA came up with the idea of creating a digitalised version of the Driving License for the UK population. This is considered to be a great new measure by the authorities.

In September 2017, a BETA version of the license was released. It was to be tested throughout the month. According to the DVLA, if this trial version proves to be successful, it is expected that the Digital Driving License would be available to the public in 2018.

In this digital era, there is already an app for almost everything. Apple Pay and Android Pay are gaining popularity quickly and are soon expected to replace other methods of payment almost entirely. Therefore, a digital version of the UK Driving License could mean getting rid of the wallet, completely. According to the team developing the app for the digital license, this service would be ‘quick, easy and secure’.

In a statement released by the DVLA, it was mentioned that even though this quick and easy version would be available for smartphone users, the plastic cards would still be very much in use and accepted everywhere. The aim of developing a digital representation of the driving license is only to create ease for the users. It is in no way a replacement of the conventional driving license.

According to the developers, the app would give drivers, complete control of their personal data. They would be able to share and validate information, to trusted third parties, through the use of a secure website.

Drivers would be able to use the digital driving license around the clock, wherever there is an internet connection available. Anyone who has authenticated themselves on the website by providing their current driving license credentials would be able to use this service. The license would appear on the smartphone in the Apple Wallet along with other bank cards, plane tickets etc.

This step taken by the DVLA is expected to benefit the UK population greatly.