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    If you want to train so you can change jobs or work more closely with horses in your spare time, a horsebox licence from HGV Training Network allows you to make this change, in little more than a week.

    With experienced instructors and hundreds of 5 * reviews, consider HGV Training Network.

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    Category B+E (Car & trailer license) - HGV Training Network

    Category B+E (Car & trailer license)

    This is the most basic of licenses for anyone looking to transport horses, using a mobile horsebox or trailer, and car or van.

    This horsebox licence allows you to transport horses that are owned by yourself and others competently and safely.

    It can be completed in three days, and we supply all of the tools and equipment needed to pass this course – minus the horse!

    7.5 Ton - (Cat C1)

    Category C1 (7.5-tonne license)

    The Cat C1 involves a larger but easier vehicle to train in than the B+E because the vehicle is a single unit and handles more like a car.

    This license enables you to drive a fully loaded vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes, including horses of any ownership type and takes 5 days.

    If you received your car license before ’97, you might have this license already, so may just need some practice before you get started.

    Class 2 - (Cat C)

    Category C (Above 7.5-tonne license)

    This is the largest, most popular horsebox licence from HGVTN, as it allows you to drive over 7.5T (more than the Cat C1).

    The Cat C license gives drivers the ultimate flexibility – allowing you to carry more than one horse.

    This option still only takes 5 days but futureproofs your career in equine transport – making it a better option for some.

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    With hundreds or thousands of horseboxes on UK roads at any given time, towing horseboxes can be a great way to help companies and individuals transport these majestic animals quickly and safely, while earning some extra cash.


    Do you need horsebox driver training to tow horseboxes?

    If it’s a one-off favour? No, although having the right knowledge always comes in handy in these situations. 

    But if you’re planning on earning money – be it a share of prize money or direct payment – from towing horseboxes, the law is crystal clear: you need an operator licence and formal horsebox driver training.

    Regularly towing horseboxes without the appropriate qualifications and training could land you with a hefty fine if you’re caught, so it always pays to do things the right way.

    Horsebox driver training not only teaches you the basics of how to securely attach and move horseboxes, but also the essential techniques needed to keep a horsebox steady and smooth on the road, for the benefit of the animal and those around you.

    How can HGVTN help with horsebox driver training?

    At HGV Training Network, our team is made up of professional drivers who are highly experienced in driving all sorts of vehicles and towing all kinds of add-ons, including horseboxes. So you can rest assured you’ll be learning from someone fully qualified to teach you the skills you need and how to put them to good use.

    Plus, opting for HGV Training Network is the fastest and most time-efficient way to complete your horsebox driver training – with our guidance, you could begin your training on Monday and be ready to tow horseboxes by Friday. It’s that easy!

    Want to know more about our horsebox driver training? Speak with an HGV Training Network expert today.


    Why train with HGV Training Network?

    With average salaries for horse transportation ranging from £29 to nearly £45k, take advantage of this and retrain with HGV Training Network.

    We help complete all paperwork, set up tests on your behalf and even help you find a job – letting you concentrate on learning and passing.

    With bespoke, personalised support along the way and exceptional pass rates – your new career in the equine industry is within sight.

    Contact HGV Training and start your HGV driver journey today!

    If you’re looking to start your Horsebox driver training, contact HGV Training Network today for fully accredited, expert support.

    Pricing and finance options for Horsebox Driver Training with HGV Training Network

    Don’t let the worry of missed pay keep you from riding after a new career! HGV Training Network proudly offer a range of pricing and finance options for all learners – removing barriers to your new equine career.
    Like our Train Now, Pay Later finance, which lets you spread the cost for 36 months – allowing anyone to learn without a gap in pay. If you’re considering additional qualifications such as HGV Training or PCV training you can view our full range of training programmes here.

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    Horsebox Driver Training FAQs

    If I get a Cat C horsebox license, what else can I drive?

    Holders of Cat C licences can legally drive any vehicles over 7.5 tonnes with a rigid base if they do not exceed 32 tonnes.

    Can I get a quote for horsebox training before I start?

    As horsebox training is bespoke, so HGVTN can’t give accurate quotes without extra information from the prospective horsebox license holder.

    What car is best for towing a horse trailer?

    SUVs, pick-ups, and estate cars will likely have a higher maximum towing weight – ideal for those looking to tow a horse trailer.

    How long will horsebox training take?

    Training time will depend on how much experience you have and, as such, can vary widely. It can take between 3 days and 5 days on average.

    Will HGV Training Network finance options help me study?

    HGVTN Finance options remove the worry of missed paychecks and let you focus on retraining and earning – saving you lots of stress.

    Where can I complete horsebox training?

    HGVTN has over 50 locations across England, Wales, and Scotland, allowing you to complete your horsebox training at a centre local to you.

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