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    Is it time to switch to a more gratifying career? HGV Training Network provides comprehensive ambulance driver training, also known as emergency vehicle operator training. Our course provides you with the essential skills to become a confident driver.

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    Ambulance Driver Licence (Cat C1)

    The Category C1 licence lets you drive vehicles between 3,500kg and 7,500kg within the UK and Europe. Ambulances fall under this category, so you need this licence to drive one. 

    Ambulance drivers can earn an average salary of £30,000 per year. Job satisfaction is also high, with ambulance drivers experiencing financial rewards and fulfilment from helping those in need. As standard, you must hold a car licence, be 18 years of age or older and be medically sound to drive a Cat C1 vehicle.

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    Why learn with HGV Training Network?

    Ambulance drivers are in high demand due to the growing ambulance demand in the NHS and private healthcare providers. We can help you to earn the licence that opens the door to rewarding driver roles with excellent job security.

    Due to our recruitment of qualified instructors with impressive pass rates, you could achieve this qualification in as little as five days.

    The HGV Training Network team will manage your admin throughout, including booking medicals, tests, and helping you to find a job alongside our recruitment partner, Blue Arrow.

    Take a look at our testimonials from satisfied students to see how HGV Training Network helped them to enter a new, fruitful driving career.

    Fees and finances for ambulance driver training

    Don’t panic about training costs and loss of earnings with the HGV Training Network
    We’re the only ambulance training provider that offers flexible payment options. This includes our Train Now and Pay Later financing, enabling flexible payments over 36 months. This option includes:

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    Why not contact the HGV Training Network now to begin your new career as an ambulance driver?
    We offer expert, fully certified support that will help you to enter the industry as confidently as possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What skills will I gain on the ambulance driver training course?

    During your training, you’ll learn the essential knowledge and driving techniques of ambulance driving.

    This includes defensive driving, like steering through traffic, and reacting to road hazards.

    You’ll also master navigation and route planning, effective communication and ambulance vehicle maintenance.

    Do I need to be a medical professional to drive an ambulance?

    Technically, yes – the NHS states that you will need to be an ambulance care assistant, emergency care assistant, emergency medical technician or paramedic.

    This is because you’ll need to provide medical support to the paramedic on shift.

    However, you can acquire the Cat C1 licence separately before becoming a medical professional, which we’ll help you to quickly gain.

    At what age can I earn my Cat C1 licence?

    To enrol on our ambulance driving training course and gain your Cat C1 licence, you must be 18 years of age or older.

    Unsurprisingly, you’ll need to hold a standard driving licence and be medically fit to drive, which will be approved during your medical assessment.

    Will HGV Training Network help me to get my first ambulance driver role?

    The HGV Training Network will go above and beyond to find your dream ambulance driver role that is perfectly suited to you.

    We’ll work tirelessly with our recruitment partners, considering job location, job type, hours worked and start dates.

    What’s included in the ambulance driver training theory test?

    To gain your Category C1 licence, you’ll have to pass a driving theory test first.

    Your theory will consist of 100 multiple-choice questions and a hazard perception test to ensure your knowledge of the road is sound.

    HGVTN will provide you with the training and revision materials to best help you prepare for the theory examination.

    Why should you pick the HGV Training Network?

    At HGVTN, our whole team offer the best and most expert ambulance driver training in the industry.

    Our dedicated customer service department arranges your medical, theory and practical tests as efficiently as possible on a date best for you.

    We also have some of the most qualified instructors with real-life experience on the road, so you can start your ambulance driver training with confidence.

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