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    Want to expand your driving skills and look more appealing to employers? HGV Training Network offers a trailer towing course that’ll give you all the know-how you need to be confident towing various kinds of trailers and cargo.

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    Trailer towing course for new and experienced drivers

    Whether you drive professionally, wish to drive professionally, or simply want to carry more with your vehicle, our trailer towing course gives you the skills and knowledge you need to tow trailers safely.

    We cover all aspects of trailer towing, including coupling and uncoupling, trailer reversing, corrective manoeuvres and essential trailer legislation.

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    Do I need a trailer licence?

    You do not need a trailer licence to tow trailers. In 2021, the laws in the UK changed, so drivers who pass their driving tests are automatically allowed to tow trailers if they wish.

    However, given how different an experience towing trailers can be, drivers are encouraged to partake in some form of trailer training so they have some experience before heading out on the road.

    HGV Training Network is here to give you that experience in a safe and practical environment, so you can become an expert trailer tower in no time.

    Why driver employers should encourage trailer training

    It might not be a requirement for drivers to have a trailer licence anymore, but offering their employees trailer training is still the smartest move for transport managers.

    This is because the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 says companies need to provide their workers with the appropriate level of training so they can fulfill their roles safely.

    If you’re an employer and you need your drivers to tow trailers, you’re giving yourself the best possible chance to avoid aggravation by offering trailer towing courses in your company.


    Why train with HGV Training Network?

    With over 200 5-star reviews on Google, we’re happy to say HGV Training Network is one of the best-reviewed training providers in the country.

    Our learners go on to enjoy fulfilling and lucrative driving careers, whatever their area of expertise, thanks to our tuition and support.

    We’re proficient in many different aspects of driving, and many different vehicles. So whatever you’re looking to achieve in your driving, HGV Training Network is here to help make that happen.

    Over 1000 HGV Training Network passers can’t be wrong! Call 0800 254 5007 and join the HGV Training Network family.

    Pricing and finance options with HGV Training Network

    Is your worry about a gap in earnings keeping you from pursuing a new career? HGV Training Network is proud to be one of the only providers offering a range of pricing and finance options for all learners – including Train Now, Pay Later finance, which lets you spread the cost for 36 months. Allowing anyone to retrain without worrying about the cost.

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    Ready to get out on the open road?

    HGV Training Network have everything you need to start your trailer journey without delay.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long with my trailer towing course take?

    Our trailer towing course is delivered in a single day, so you won’t need to take huge amounts of time out of your busy schedule to give yourself the tools you need to tow trailers safely.

    Is towing trailers hard?

    It differs from person to person. Some people find towing trailers easy and are quick to adapt to the added weight. But others find it very difficult and can create an unsafe driving environment when they head out with a trailer for the first time, which is why we always recommend that drivers have some form of trailer training. If you’re unsure, play it safe and take our course.

    How much will my trailer towing course cost?

    If you’d like to find out more about the cost of your trailer towing course, speak to us at HGV Training Network. That way, we can offer you a price that’s based on your specific needs. You’ll also get the chance to speak with us about any other driving qualifications that interest you in greater detail, along with our Train Now, Pay Later finance options.

    I have a driving licence - how much am I allowed to tow?

    Legally, drivers with a standard Category B driving licence can tow trailers and caravans up to 3500kg in weight. Anything beyond this weight is not allowed, and you’ll need a different licence or qualifications if you wish to tow anything other than these two things. Speak to us if you need some advice.

    Where will I take my trailer towing course?

    Your trailer towing course will happen at one of our specialist training centres. We have 50 training centres scattered across the UK, so there’s bound to be one in your nearby area.

    I can already tow trailers - should I take your course?

    It can’t hurt. If you’ve not towed trailers in a long time, or you just want to refresh your skills and make sure you’re doing everything right, the course will definitely come in handy. It could also help drop the price of your insurance, too, as taking a trailer towing course makes you appear as a safe and reliable driver in the eyes of insurers.

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