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    A HIAB training course from HGVTN gives you the skill requirements and safety aspects of basic Lorry Loader operation – which is needed for the confident use of lorry-mounted cranes.

    With training available on the most commonly used configurations and lorry loader attachments, you’ll learn everything you need to know to work in the HIAB crane industry.

    What is HIAB training?

    HIAB training courses provide drivers with the skills and knowledge required to earn their HIAB licence – this qualification permits the operation of an HIAB, also known as a lorry-mounted crane or lorry loader.

    HIAB lorries feature a loader crane, and are utilised across various industries to aid lifting, loading and logistics all in one.

    An HIAB course consists of theoretical and practical training, culminating in both a theory and practical exam. The theory test will test your understanding of safely loading and unloading a HIAB lorry, and the legislation surrounding HIAB vehicles, amongst more.

    Whereas the practical examination will test your HIAB equipment operation skills, and require you to actively demonstrate your abilities before an examiner.

    Completing your training is possible in just 5 days, at over 50 locations across England, Wales and Scotland.


    Why complete HIAB training?

    Gaining additional skills with a HIAB training course offers many benefits, setting lorry-mounted crane drivers apart from standard HGV professionals.

    HIAB operators who can handle a lorry-mounted crane can also access specialist jobs and increase their prospective pay, with a salary range of £18,156-£44,720 and beyond!

    All of which is possible in just 5 days, at over 50 locations across the country.

    HIAB courses open the door to work in an array of industries that require workplace transport equipment, including:

    • The construction industry
    • Builders merchants
    • Waste disposal and recycling
    • Oil and gas
    • Logistics
    • Plus much more!

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    What does a HIAB training course include?

    There are several vital focuses within our HIAB training course, which includes the following key training areas: 

    • Basic Hydraulic Systems 
    • Correct Siting of Vehicle
    • Daily Safety Checks 
    • How to use the lorry loader attachments (like the brick grab)
    • Hydraulic Controls
    • Load Indicators 
    • Operating Rules & Procedures
    • Responsibilities of the operator 
    • Safe Operating Practices & Procedures
    • Safe Working Loads
    • Safe Loading and Unloading 
    • Safety Devices
    • Site/Highway Safety
    • Stability

    Once you successfully complete your HIAB training courses and start looking for a new job, we would encourage you to join the Trained Operator Passport Scheme, TOPS. 

    This allows you to validate your training, encourages communication between yourself and potential employers and gives each HIAB operator a unique identification number for faster pre-job check completion. 

    What you'll need to embark on an HIAB training course

    To start your journey to becoming a HIAB driver, you’ll need to have the following:

    • A valid driving licence
    • A DBS disclosure certificate
    • A European Standard CESE safety certificate
    • Certificate of professional competence (CPC)

    You must also be 18 years or older to apply for HIAB training courses with HGV Training Network.

    If you have recently earned your standard HGV licence, you should already have the above certificates.


    Why choose HGV Training Network for HIAB training?

    Here at HGV Training Network, we’re an established professional driving training company with the facilities and expertise to help you earn your HIAB licence confidently.

    You’ll be training under one of our many seasoned instructors at your chosen location, who all have prior experience operating HIAB lorries.

    HIAB training with HGVTN allows you to focus solely on your studies, while we complete the paperwork and set up all tests on your behalf.

    Alongside this, our personalised support and exceptional pass rates mean your fresh start driving lorry-mounted cranes or lorry loaders could be much closer than you think.

    Our experienced team has the professional teaching skills to help you pass, and we’ll even help you find your first HIAB licence job with Blue Arrow – our trusted recruitment partner!

    With over 3,000 happy lorry-mounted crane or HGV drivers and counting – call us today!

    HIAB Training Cost

    HIAB training costs vary depending on the amount of training you require. If you have previous experience training to operate HIABs, then you’ll likely require less tuition, lowering the cost of your course.

    However, consider your lorry loader training course as an investment that will prove to be very lucrative – after passing your training, you’ll be able to apply for specialist lifting jobs with a fantastic salary.

    For a tailored quote, you’ll need to call us on 0800 2545 007 so we can provide you with an estimated cost for your tuition.

    HIAB Training Finance at HGV Training Network

    Is the cost of HIAB training keeping you from pursuing a new career? Is a large lump sum payment simply not feasible right now? Not to worry, our financing service has allowed lorry-mounted loader drivers across the UK to retrain without worrying about the cost.

    Unlike many other training companies, HGVTN is proud to offer a range of pricing and finance options for all trainee drivers – including Train Now and Pay Later finance, which spreads the cost of training over 3 years.

    Get in touch with our helpful team today for more information on our flexible financing service.

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    Ready to leave the 9-5 behind?

    Allow HGV Training Network to help you complete your HIAB training and start your new career.

    Join us today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the HGV Training Network HIAB training suitable for refresher training?

    This training course is designed to train HIAB drivers looking to join the industry, not current HIAB operators who need refresher training. For more advice, why not contact our team today?

    What is a HIAB?

    A HIAB is the brand-name abbreviation for a lorry-mounted crane, which allows for loading and offloading goods straight from the vehicle.

    Can I study for my HIAB and HGV licence separately?

    Whilst you can study for your HGV and HIAB licence separately, this will increase the time it takes to become qualified in both areas.

    Do HGV drivers have to be HIAB trained?

    HGV or LGV drivers don’t need to hold both qualifications, but doing so can help you stand out in interviews and can lead to increased pay.

    Is HIAB training financeable with HGV Training Network?

    HGV Training Network alone is able to provide finance options for all learners, including those studying for their HGV licence, HIAB licence, or both.

    Where can I complete HIAB training?

    With 50 locations across England, Wales, and Scotland, HGV Training Network can provide a choice of training centres, including many local to you.

    How much will HIAB training cost?

    HIAB training costs will vary from person to person, so HGV Training Network will need to hear from you directly to generate quotes for HIAB training.

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