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    Thinking of switching to a more rewarding career? At HGV Training Network, we offer a complete Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) training course to enable you to gain your licence as quickly as possible. Our training will provide you with the vital skills and knowledge to become a successful PCV driver.

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    Bus and Coach license (CAT D)

    Bus and Coach Licence (Cat D)

    The Category D license, known as the Cat D, is required to drive a bus or a coach within the UK and Europe. It permits drivers to operate buses or coaches with up to 64 passengers on board, including single and double-deckers.

    Cat D vehicle drivers can earn a highly lucrative wage, with an average salary of up to £40k per year. Job satisfaction is also incredibly high, with professional bus and coach drivers able to see the country whilst working. Not to mention the avoidance of office politics.

    The Category D license is a fantastic starting place if you currently only hold a car license. Like most professional driving qualifications, you must hold a car licence, be 18 years of age or older and be medically fit to drive in order to obtain the Cat D.

    Minibus license (Cat D1)

    Minibus Licence (Cat D1)

    You’ll also gain the Category D1 licence as part of your Cat D, enabling you to drive minibuses.

    This licence permits you to drive vehicles with:

    • 16 passenger seats or less
    • a length not exceeding 8m
    • a trailer with a maximum capacity of 750kg

    Cat D1 drivers can earn a handsome average salary of £30,000, which could rise to over £35,000 the more experienced is gathered.

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    Why learn with HGV Training Network?

    In the UK, there is currently a huge demand for PCV drivers as the industry looks to replace operatives approaching retirement. HGV Training Network can provide you with the skills to access these rewarding opportunities with incredible job security.

    You can gain your PCV qualification in as little as 5 days with HGV Training Network, thanks to our qualified instructors with plentiful real-life experience ensuring excellent pass rates.

    Our dedicated team will handle your admin from start to finish, including booking your medical, tests and even assisting you with finding a job with our recruitment partner, Blue Arrow.

    Get in touch with HGV Training Network today to start your new career in PCV driving!

    If you’re eager to begin your PCV training, contact HGV Training Network now for expert, fully certified support.

    Costs and financing for bus driver training

    There’s no need to stress about training payments and loss of earnings with the HGV Training Network.

    HGV Training Network are the only PCV training provider with a wide range of payment options available to learners. This contains our Train Now and Pay Later flexible financing, enabling you to split the cost over 36 months and switch careers without financial implications.

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    checked 19.9% APR – the lowest among PCV training providers

    checked Quick and simple 5-minute application

    checked Soft Search that won’t affect your credit score

    checked Impeccable customer service and support

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    Ready to get out on the open road?

    HGV Training Network have everything you need to start PCV journey without delay.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why choose HGV Training Network for your PCV qualification?

    At HGVTV, we provide some of the best and most expert PCV training on the market.

    Our expert customer service team and instructors will help you through the programme by providing revision software, arranging your HGV theory and practical tests, plus more.

    We also have some of the best pass rates in the industry, meaning you can embark on your PCV driver training with confidence

    Is obtaining a PCV driving licence hard?

    Obtaining your PCV qualification is similar to other professional achievements – hard work and strong guidance from an experienced instructor will help you gain your licence.

    However, as with learning to drive a car, people learn at different rates, with some passing more quickly than others.
    If you have a standard licence and enjoy driving, a PCV licence could be the ideal next step for you, opening the door to a rewarding career.

    Are PCV drivers in high demand in the UK?

    Absolutely – there is an increasing need for PCV drivers which has grown immensely recently.

    Ongoing shortages of qualified bus and coach drivers have increased due to the imminent retirement of thousands of drivers up and down the country.

    So, why not take advantage of the number of new openings? Thanks to a wide variety of vacancies, you’re sure to find the ideal one for you.

    How will you support me in gaining my first PCV driving job after qualifying?

    HGVTN will work with our trusted recruitment partner Blue Arrow to find the best PCV vacancy for your needs after obtaining your licence.

    Blue Arrow boasts an excellent record of matching newly qualified drivers with their initial roles.

    They’ll take care of the ins and outs of applying, saving you the stress of applying yourself.

    Does HGV Training Network provide any other professional driving training?

    At HGVTN, we offer many other professional driver training courses asides from bus driver training.

    For example, we provide Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) training courses and LGV training qualifications.

    Each training programme is conducted by a thoroughly competent instructor with firsthand experience of life on the road.

    What salary could I earn after finishing my PCV training?

    Once you’ve completed your PCV training, you can expect an average starting salary of £25,000, rising to £38,000 as you gain more experience.

    However, wages are typically determined by location, hours worked and distances travelled.

    For example, London bus drivers’ salaries are higher than those outside the capital.

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