Ford is really serious about electric trucks – and to prove the point, the company has released a video which shows an all-electric pickup hauling a load weighing over 100 pounds over a makeshift test track which was set up in a railway yard.

A new prototype of Ford’s classic F-150 is shown hauling 10 double decker railway freight cards, containing 42 of its conventional combustion engine predecessors (one for every year since the car’s launch)

In total, the load weighs over a million pounds, and could mean that the electric truck will have a higher recommended towing capacity than the petrol counterpart when it goes into production.

While it is definitely possible to tow using an electric vehicle, with the upcoming Tesla Model Y coming equipped with a towbar, the battery capacity required to do so makes it impractical for many models of electric vehicle. Limitations of the F-150’s batteries would mean that the truck wouldn’t be able to keep towing for long as one of it’s fossil fuel-burning equivalents, but it is certainly a step in the right direction for electric vehicles. With commercial trucks being recognized as a major source of CO2 emissions – a shift towards electric vehicles in this sector could make a huge difference.