Like every year, FTA is organising a thrilling three-day event in September 2017 as well to choose the ‘FTA Driver of the Year’. It is a great opportunity for all van and truck drivers (of up to 18 tonnes and up to 44 tonnes) to come forward and showcase their skills. The competition is open for all professional drivers, belonging to any sector, living in the UK. The event will be held from 12-14th September 2017.

The opening day of the FTA Driver of the Year competition will be dedicated to demonstrating the talents of Van Excellence Accredited operators. Day two will be all about showcasing the talents of the 18 tonnes drivers. This category has been kindly sponsored by the reputable Bridgestone tyres. On the third and the final day, 44 tonnes drivers will be in the limelight.

All drivers in each category would be required to participate in a number of tasks and will be scored on their performance. Participants’ will be required to prove themselves in various tasks such as driving skills, manoeuvring ability, legislative knowledge and their ability to identify pre-use defects on a vehicle. A winner will be announced in each group and an overall winner will be announced later in the year. In each category, the first place winner will receive a £1,000 holiday voucher, while the second and third place winners will take home an IPad and a £150 Red Letter Day voucher, respectively.

This year’s competition will witness an additional category. Three new Young Drivers of the Year will also be chosen to acknowledge emerging talent. Drivers in this category will be 30 years and under.

The purpose of this event is to recognise the valuable contribution made to the UK’s economy by professional drivers and to acknowledge their abilities. Such events also represent a positive image of the HGV industry and encourage more people to undergo HGV training.