No matter how you look at it, driving a HGV is a demanding job.

What might seem like just sitting down for long periods on end is actually a very physically and mentally demanding job which requires a much higher level od discipline than your average 9 – 5. Just like all jobs, there are some drawbacks which do need to be managed – especially when it comes to driver health. Here are some 4 habits which can help to improve your daily health and wellbeing behind the wheel of your HGV.

1. Eat a balanced diet

You are what you eat – and when you’re on the road most of the time, it can be hard to stick to a balanced diet. Most drivers find themselves topping up their appetite with sweets or more convenient fast food options. This isn’t an issue as an occasional thing if you’re in a rush – but long term, you could be putting yourself at real risk of health problems such as obesity, heart problems, back problems, and diabetes. You can help to improve your health on the road by scheduling meals into your routes as much as possible as well as packing meals for the road – or simply making sure you have access to healthier snacks in the cab of your vehicle.

2. Always Keep Water Nearby

Dehydration is probably more of an issue than you might realise – did you know that 75% of the population is classified as chronically dehydrated? As a nation, even when we have easy access to water – we are not very good at drinking it, so naturally on the road you may suffer. Buying a reusable water bottle and making sure it is always filled is an easy solution to this particular issue though. Make sure that you fill up on water though – as this will do a much better job at keeping you hydrated, and alert as opposed to sugary drinks

3. Get into Exercise

When you do spend many hours sat behind the wheel in the cab, the life of a HGV driver is somewhat sedentary. When added to the long, and unconventional hours, this can mean that drivers often don’t find the time to fit any exercise into their day. However, exercise can help to maintain good health and avoiding injury in your daily role

4. Get Enough Sleep

Tight deadlines and unconventional hours can play havoc with sleep patterns of drivers, but good quality sleep and rest are imperative for HGV drivers – it is even regulated as part of the job. In order to be alert and safe on the roads, a night of solid and deep sleep is essential. You need on average at least 6 hours of sleep per night.