The DVLA is strict about adhering to the law. Every motorist is expected to show their correct, updated address information on their license. In case of any changes in the details, the DVLA must be informed immediately. Anyone who fails to do so could get themselves a £1,000 fine.

Getting the address changed on your license is free of cost. However, not bothering to get it changed could result in a fine. According to the British law, all drivers must bring it to the authorities’ notice, if they change addresses. This is applicable even if the change is a temporary one. For instance, someone moving to another town to go to university or for work must notify the government agency. If they don’t, this could mean a penalty of £1,000.

A DVLA spokesperson declared that the law expects that anyone who changes their name or address should bring it to the authorities’ notice. Once they do this, the DVLA would update their system and issue a new license in their name without any charges. The reason for this law was also mentioned by the spokesperson. By having the latest information about each motorist, it gets easier for the DVLA to inform them of any vital news or measures they need to take. For instance, this could be a reminder of when they need to renew their license.

The details of this law are also available on the website. On the website, any license holder can update his or her licensing information through the V5C vehicle log book. The new license is then dispatched to you within one to three weeks. Failing to provide updated information could not only land you a fine of £1,000 but can also result in your insurance premium getting cancelled.

Your car insurer must also be informed of any change in address as the insurance premium for some UK addresses is higher than the rest.