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    Want to retrain as an LGV or HGV driver in 5 days? Use HGV Training Network for an exciting new career, endless job opportunities, job security, and a salary potential of £55,000 p/a!

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    Why retrain as a HGV driver in Leeds with HGV Training Network?

    With 50 locations across the nation, HGV training with HGV Training Network can allow you to retrain anywhere in England, Wales, or Scotland.

    Cut down the time you’ll spend commuting and work locally with our trusted, expert HGV instructors to develop the skills you need for a new and exciting career.

    Thanks to the number of distribution centres in Yorkshire, HGV training in Leeds will enable you to access many secure, highly paid jobs near you.

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    Why become an HGV driver in Leeds?

    Are you keen to travel and see more of the UK? Is your current job far from varied and rewarding? Retraining as an HGV driver could be ideal for you.

    Flexible, protected hours help you earn and fit around your schedule, while limited driver hours protect your health and well-being – HGV driving will ensure you take care of yourself.

    Combined with an earning potential of £55,000 a year, you can finally enjoy Mondays again.


    Contact us for HGV Training in Leeds today.

    If you’re looking to start your LGV and HGV driver training, we offer fully accredited, expert support whenever you’re ready.

    Considering additional training options? At HGV Training Network we also offer; HIAB training, ADR training and CPC training.


    Why start HGV training in Leeds with HGV Training Network?

    Retraining with HGV Training Network will give you access to our streamlined training process – designed to enhance your quality of driving and help you pass quickly.

    HGV Training Network employs exceptional instructors to teach across the country, who offer personal support while you train and hold impressive pass rates from past students.

    HGV Training Network also takes care of all admin for you, from booking all tests including your medical, theory, and practical – to the CPC qualification, letting you focus on learning.

    Pricing and finance options for HGV driver training in Leeds

    Are finances holding you back from your new career?
    HGV Training Network is the only training provider with a range of pricing and finance options for all learners – including Train Now and Pay Later finance, which allows you to spread the cost for up to 36 months, letting you change careers without a gap in earnings.

    checked 19.9% APR! Lowest in the industry

    checked Fast and easy application takes 5 minutes

    checked Soft Search that doesn’t affect your credit score

    checked UK Customer service and support throughout

    checked Some of the highest approval rates in the industry

    checked Pay your loan off early without penalty!

    Contact HGV Training Network for HGV driver training in Leeds.

    If your looking to start your LGV and HGV driver training, contact HGV Training Network today for fully accredited, expert support.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will delays for driving tests mean delays for HGV driver training?

    While there are currently long delays for DVSA car driving tests across the country, this won’t slow down driving tests for prospective LGV and HGV drivers.

    There are two reasons for this:

    • The tests are different and completed at different test centres – negating any chance of delays for you.
    • The government is enforcing measures to address the shortage of HGV drivers – including being able to skip passing rigid lorry tests before learning to drive an articulated lorry.

    This means that no matter your current position in your learning journey, you can expect to be taking the appropriate driving tests within 5 days of beginning your practical lessons – usually on a Friday afternoon.

    To get your HGV or LGV driving journey underway, contact us today. You can fill in an enquiry form and we’ll get back to you or you can give us a call and speak to our approachable staff directly.

    Is HGV driving in Leeds a good job?

    In the current market, HGV driving is one of the most profitable and enjoyable careers new drivers could consider – with new drivers frequently exceeding £25,000 per year.

    With unrivalled independence, the ability to fit work around your lifestyle, and freedom from monotonous office hours, HGV driving can change your life as you know it.

    Similarly, as the UK is currently experiencing a driver shortage, companies have an abundance of work to offer, giving you excellent job security and plenty of job choices.

    To find out more about how HGV training in Leeds could be the job for you, you can call or email us today at Our friendly advisors can answer any questions you may have and start the process for you when you wish to proceed.

    How much does HGV training in Leeds cost?

    As each service from the HGV Training Network is completely bespoke, we will need some more information from you before we can give you a quote for HGV or LGV driver training in Leeds.

    The reasons for this are twofold:

    • Every learner has a range of previous driving qualifications
    • Every learner will have different experience levels

    This means we are unable to give a generalised price breakdown, as the training program for one learner can be completely different from the training program of another.

    To receive a personalised, no-obligation quote for HGV driver training across the UK, get in touch today!

    Do I need to do a medical test to drive an HGV in Leeds?

    All learners wishing to train as an HGV driver will need to complete a medical assessment before they begin any other training.

    This ensures they are healthy enough to complete long journeys in heavy goods vehicles and do not pose a risk to themselves or others – limiting the chance of a health-related road traffic accident.

    A medical test is the first step for any learner, which means that if the DVLA does not deem you fit to drive, you won’t have invested a lot of time into training for a new career.

    Our team at HGVTN can arrange your medical and support you throughout the process, keeping your mind at ease.

    For more information about the medical test, you can call or email us today at We can answer any remaining questions or book you in for HGV training in Leeds when you are ready.

    Which vehicles can I learn to drive with HGV training in Leeds?

    With HGV training in Leeds, you have a choice of three vehicle sizes, which relate to the licence you need. These include:

    • 7.5 Ton Cat C1 licence – designed for rigid vehicles weighing up to 7.5 tonnes, sometimes referred to as final mile lorries. This licence is also ideal for ambulances and horse boxes.
    • Class 2 Cat C licence – designed for vehicles over 7.5 tonnes with a rigid base that does not exceed 32T, ideal for driving in cities and towns. Also suitable for those looking to drive fire engines or refuse lorries.
    • Class 1 Cat C + E licence – designed for the largest vehicles on the road, this licence covers all vehicles up to 44 tonnes with a detachable trailer. Usually required to complete longer motorway routes.

    For more information about which vehicle training is best for you, simply call or email us today at Our friendly advisors will gladly discuss your options and career plans to help you make a final decision.

    Can I complete HGV training in Leeds even if I don’t live there?

    With over 50 locations across the UK, there will be a local site for pretty much everyone looking to complete HGV or LGV training, no matter where they live.

    While most people choose to attend the closest training site to their home, your choice of training location is completely up to you – as long as you can reliably commute to the training facility during your week of practical training.

    If you think you might run into problems commuting, it may be worth rethinking which training centre is best for you, as delayed starts will directly affect your learning.
    Browse our full list of locations and see which one will work best for you. All you need to do then is register for your preferred location and we’ll do the rest.

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