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    Pave your way towards a rewarding profession that offers mouth-watering earnings, flexible hours, career advancement, and travel opportunities. No matter if you’re a beginner or looking to develop your existing experience, we’ve got the ideal training programme for you.

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    Need HGV training in Leighton Buzzard?

    Finding an established HGV training provider in Leighton Buzzard isn’t simple. That’s where we come in – our bespoke training packages provide trainee drivers with complete HGV training at one of our professional facilities.

    If you live in or near Leighton Buzzard, you can train in our HGV training centre in Leighton Buzzard, Milton Keynes or Weedon, which are simple to get to.

    Whatever you decide, you’re guaranteed to gain the highest level of training with an experienced instructor.

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    Why become a HGV driver in Leighton Buzzard?

    There are plenty of benefits to HGV driving, such as working solo, avoiding office drama, and high salaries. If this intrigues you, HGV driving is a career move worth contemplating.

    As a qualified driver, annual salaries could reach £40,000 and stretch to £60,000, subject to location and distances travelled. As an HGV Driver in Leighton Buzzard, you’ll develop many adaptable skills to apply for other driving positions if you wish to change careers later on.

    Furthermore, there’s an increasing need for HGV drivers as over 4,000 veteran drivers retire yearly. More opportunities mean you’ll have the flexibility to select the positions that are best for you.


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    If you’re looking to start your LGV and HGV driver training, we offer fully accredited, expert support whenever you’re ready.


    Why choose HGVTN for your HGV training?

    At HGV Training Network, we provide professional HGV training in Leighton Buzzard that’ll jump-start a new, gratifying and fun driving career.

    All the tutors we employ have first-hand experience in the HGV industry that enables them to conduct in-depth and safe training.

    Our friendly team will also arrange necessary medical assessments, your theory and practical tests and CPC certificate of professional competence qualification. Plus, they will help you to find HGV driver jobs in Leighton Buzzard after receiving your licence

    Pricing and finance options for HGV driver training in Leighton Buzzard

    It’s not always practical to pay for services in one large payment – that’s why we offer trainee drivers Train Now, Pay Later finance plans. This lets you split the cost of tuition over up to 36 months, in simple-to-manage payments.

    So, instead of worrying about the fees, you can enjoy the process and gain your licence.

    checked 19.9% APR! Lowest in the industry

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    checked Soft Search that doesn’t affect your credit score

    checked UK Customer service and support throughout

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    Contact HGV Training Network for HGV driver training in Leighton Buzzard.

    If you are looking to start your LGV and HGV driver training, contact HGV Training Network today for fully accredited, expert support.

    Considering additional training options? Learn more about our full range of training courses including; ADR training, PCV training, CPC training, horsebox training and trailer training.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why choose the HGV Training Network for HGV training in Leighton Buzzard?

    We’re one of the UK’s most accomplished HGV training providers, dedicated to supplying affordable and comprehensive courses. The tutors who make up our team are experts in helping trainee drivers achieve their licences quickly.

    We offer the best service by organising the following:

    •       Training slots that suit you
    •       Provisional licence application
    •       Tuition and revision tools and materials
    •       CPC qualification
    • A range of training courses to choose from

    Once you obtain your qualification, we will then work to match you to your first professional driving job through our expert recruitment partner – Blue Arrow.

    After completing my HGV training in Leighton Buzzard, what salary could I earn?

    Starting wages for freshly qualified HGV drivers average from £25k to £40k, so you’re guaranteed a fantastic salary at entry-level and beyond.

    As you collect more experience on the road, your earnings could increase to £55,000. 

    Wages are conditional to location, your employer, distances driven, and the types of goods you carry.

    Is there an HGV driving theory test?

    Yes, as part of the HGV training process in Leighton Buzzard, you will typically need to pass a theory test. The theory test evaluates your knowledge of road safety, vehicle handling, and relevant regulations. It includes multiple-choice questions and a hazard perception test that assesses your reactions to potential danger on the road.

    Will you assist me in achieving my first HGV driver role in Leighton Buzzard?

    Certainly – after completing your training, we’ll work with our recruitment partner Blue Arrow to match you to your dream role.

    Blue Arrow’s expert recruiters boast a phenomenal record of matching new professional HGV drivers with their initial driving job in Leighton Buzzard. 

    This means you don’t have to sieve through openings that don’t line up with your wants or needs.

    What are the requirements for HGV training in Leighton Buzzard?

    Before applying for HGV training in Leighton Buzzard, you need to consider the requirements for each license category. Some general essentials include:

    • Hold a valid car licence 
    • Be 18 years of age or older
    • Be fit to drive and pass essential medical tests 
    • Gain a provisional HGV licence

    How many types of HGV licences are there?

    In Britain, three types of HGV licences include:

    Category C1: Permits you to operate vehicles weighing between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes, such as horse boxes. You’ll need to acquire this licence to drive ambulances.

    Category C: Enables you to drive rigid vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, but not above 32 tonnes.

    Category C+E: Allows you to operate articulated vehicles with trailers weighing over 3.5 tonnes, such as the lorries you see on motorways.

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