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    Need HGV training in Southampton?

    HGV Training Network could get you on the road in as little as 5 days – helping get your new career off the ground without the waiting around.

    Trusted by thousands of graduate HGV drivers across the country, learn at any of our 50 training centres.

    Our bespoke support and partnership with Blue Arrow mean you will have your pick of 1,000s of local, well-paid jobs after training is complete.

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    Why become a HGV driver in Southampton?

    As a busy port city on the outskirts of London, Southampton handles the second-largest quantity of cargo each year in the UK – making HGV drivers essential!

    A starting salary of £27,000, rising to up to £55,000 p/a with experience gives you the financial freedom to support your family and live well.
    Legally protected driving hours mean your income and your welfare are a top priority for employers across the country.


    Contact us for HGV Training in Southampton today.

    If you’re looking to start your LGV and HGV driver training, we offer fully accredited, expert support whenever you’re ready.


    Why choose HGV Training Network for your HGV training?

    Want to focus purely on your studies and leave all the paperwork and appointment-making to someone else? That’s exactly what we do here at HGVTraining Network!

    Choose from 50 locations across the UK and make retraining easier once you slimline your commute, giving you more time to spend studying.

    With 1:1 support from your training coordinator and experienced driving staff – it would be harder to fail than pass when learning with HGV Training Network.

    Pricing and finance options for HGV driver training in Southampton

    Money worries hold us all back sometimes.

    Becoming an HGV driver can become a reality, however, with the range of pricing and finance options from HGV Training Network. We are proud to offer our learners Train Now, Pay Later finance – making retraining a viable option for those who qualify, regardless of their finances.

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    Contact HGV Training Network for HGV driver training in Southampton.

    If you are looking to start your LGV and HGV driver training, contact HGV Training Network today for fully accredited, expert support.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where will I complete my HGV training in Southampton?

    HGVTN’s main training centre for Southampton is located within the city centre.

    Our Southampton centre is a short walk from Southampton train station and a choice of bus stops – making it perfect for those who want to commute into the centre to begin their practical training.

    It is also handily located near the A500, making it a simple commute for those driving in.

    With over 50 locations across England, Wales and Scotland, here at HGV Training Network we are guaranteed to have a training centre near you.

    Browse the full list of our locations or contact us if you’d like more information on a particular location, including a full address.

    How long will it take to retrain as an HGV driver?

    How long your training journey will take will vary from learner to learner, depending on:

    1.       Your driving experience level
    2.       Where you are up to in your training journey.

    For those who only need to complete their practical driver training and practical tests, you can expect it to take just 5 days to complete and begin a new career as an HGV or LGV driver. Trainees starting afresh should expect to spend just over a month retraining – which compared to other professions is incomparable.  

    Here at HGVTN, we do everything we can to support trainee drivers of all experience levels and can offer the support and expertise they need to get out on the open road as soon as they possibly can.

    To see if HGV training in Southampton is the career for you, call or email us today at Our friendly advisors will answer any questions you may have and start the process for you.

    How much does HGV training in Southampton cost?

    Every service from HGV Training Network is bespoke for every trainee, meaning our team will need to know more about you, your previous driving qualifications, and your HGV experience levels before we can give you a quote for HGV or LGV driver training in Southampton.

    Our staff simply can’t generate a quote without knowing these things. However, once we know these things, we can give you an individualised quote, showing you much you can expect to pay, and the finance options open to you.

    To get a personalised, no-obligation quote for HGV driver training across the UK, just get in touch today!

    What else can I do once I complete HGV training in Southampton?

    While most of our learners do go on to enjoy long, satisfying careers driving HGVs, some like a bit of variety and go on to explore similar driving careers with very large vehicles.

    An HGV licence can be the first step that helps you to access a range of careers, including professional driving in:

    · PCVs – Passenger Carrying Vehicles, such as coaches or buses
    · Ambulances and fire engines
    · HIABs – lorry-mounted crane or lorry loader
    · Horseboxes
    · Refuse or recycling lorries
    · ADR training – becoming a dangerous goods vehicle driver, allows you to carry goods that may be flammable, toxic, or radioactive!

    These jobs come with fantastic salaries and high job satisfaction, and depending on where you work, can come with a range of driver benefits!
    To see where HGV driving could take you, reach out to our expert team today. You can email us at or fill in our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    Which vehicles can I learn to drive with HGV training in Southampton?

    HGVTN train learners on three possible licences, that correspond to three vehicle sizes. These include:

    •         The 7.5 Ton Cat C1 licence – for rigid vehicles weighing up to 7.5 tonnes, sometimes called final mile lorries. These are perfect for delivery, ambulance, and horsebox drivers.
    •         The Class 2 Cat C licence – is designed for vehicles over 7.5 tonnes with rigid bases that do not exceed 32T. These lorries are best for driving on larger roads and qualify drivers to use fire engines and refuse or recycling lorries.
    •         The Class 1 Cat C + E licence – if you want to drive the largest vehicles on UK roads, choose this licence, which covers all vehicles up to 44 tonnes with a detachable trailer. HGVs are usually used for longer haul, motorway routes but can travel across Europe and the continents of the world.

    For expert help deciding which vehicle licence is best for you, just call or email us today at Our advisors will gladly discuss your options and career plans with you to help you make a final decision.

    Do delayed driving tests mean delays for trainee HGV drivers?

    Thankfully not!

    The sometimes months-long delays for car driving tests will have no impact on trainee LGV and HGV drivers. This is because:

    1.       The tests are entirely separate and completed at different DVLA test centres.
    2.     Thanks to the current and upcoming shortage of HGV drivers, the UK government are putting in place reactive measures to speed up HGV driver training.  

    This means that all prospective HGV or LGV drivers can expect to take their practical driving tests within 5 days of beginning their practical lessons.

    To get started, reach out to us today. You can fill in an enquiry form and we’ll get back to you or you can give us a call and speak to us directly.

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