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    Make steps towards a rewarding career in a coveted industry that offers excellent earning potential, flexible hours, career progression, and travel. Regardless if you’re just beginning or want to advance your existing skills, we’ve got a training programme ideal for you.

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    Need HGV training in Worthing?

    Our specialist HGV training centre based in Worthing is one of the best facilities in the southeast. With our bespoke training courses, you’ll receive complete HGV training from expert instructors.

    However, if you are closer to the Hampshire border and it’s more convenient, you can choose to learn in our Portsmouth HGV training centre instead.

    Whichever is best for you, you’ll only undergo proven training with one of our seasoned professionals.

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    Why become a HGV driver in Worthing?

    If working solo, generous salaries and steering clear of office drama drives you, HGV driving could be your ideal career.

    Depending on location and distances travelled, salaries could climb to £60,000. As an HGV Driver in Worthing, you’ll acquire plenty of adaptable traits and abilities – meaning, you have the knowledge to transfer into other driving jobs if you wish to swap careers.

    Also, there’s a great need for HGV drivers up and down the country with over 4,000 veteran drivers retiring yearly. Thanks to more openings, you can be flexible and pick the roles that are suited to your needs.


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    If you’re looking to start your LGV and HGV driver training, we offer fully accredited, expert support whenever you’re ready.


    Why choose HGV Training Network for your HGV training in Worthing?

    At HGV Training Network, all the instructors working for us have experience on the road that enables them to conduct in-depth and elite training.

    We’ll help by arranging necessary medical evaluations, your theory and practical tests and CPC certificate of professional competence qualification. Plus, we’ll even help with finding HGV driver jobs that are ideal for you.

    So if you’re seeking specialist HGV training that’ll open the door towards a fun and fulfilling driving career.

    Pricing and finance options for HGV driver training in Worthing

    If you want to start HGV driver training but can’t afford to pay upfront our flexible finance options allow you to break up your payments, on a monthly basis, so you can focus less on your bank account and more on earning your licence.

    We’ll work with you to come up with a payment plan you can manage, breaking your fees down into affordable payments that you can pay off while you train.

    Get in touch today to find out more.

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    Contact HGV Training Network for HGV driver training in Worthing.

    If you are looking to start your LGV and HGV driver training, contact HGV Training Network today for fully accredited, expert support.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How expensive is HGV training in Worthing?

    This depends on the location and company you decide to train with – HGV training costs are also subject to the amount of tuition you need.

    If you’ve had previous experience learning how to operate HGVs legally, you’ll likely need less tuition. On the other hand, if you’re new to HGV driving, you’ll require much more.

    At HGV Training Network, we tailor training packages to each trainee driver and provide flexible finance plans to spread your course fees into smaller payments.

    After I complete my HGV training in Worthing, how much could I earn?

    Starting salaries for entry-level drivers average between a generous £25,000 and £40,000, so you can be sure you gain a mouth-watering wage even as a new driver.

    As you collect more vital experience in the industry, your wage could increase to £55,000 and beyond. Employers usually set their salaries subject to location, distances travelled and the types of goods you’re transporting.

    Are HGV drivers in demand in Worthing?

    Yes – there’s a growing need for HGV drivers in the UK due to the ongoing shortage of professional HGV drivers. This is only rising, with the ongoing UK shortfall estimated to be at 50,000 drivers.

    So why not take advantage of these opportunities? At HGV Training Network, our expert instructors help trainee drivers to obtain their HGV licence. Our committed team and recruitment partner will also work to pair drivers with their ideal roles amongst the high number of available openings.

    After acquiring my HGV licence, what vehicles can I drive?

    There are several different vehicle types you can operate with an HGV licence. However, some do require additional qualifications to do so.

    CLASS 2 – CAT-C

    The Category C licence allows operators to drive vehicles with a minimum capacity of 3.5t and a maximum of 32t.

    Most companies rely on class 2’s, so drivers of this vehicle are coveted. Driving one can earn a generous yearly salary of up to £30,000.

    CLASS 1 – CAT C+E

    The Category C+E licence permits you to drive lorries with a maximum weight limit of 44t.

    A Cat C licence is required to acquire a Class 1 licence – but the extra qualification is worthwhile – drivers of C+E vehicles earn the highest salaries, averaging a mouthwatering £40k annually.

    7.5 TON – CAT C1

    Cat C1 vehicles are used for driving in built-up areas. This licence is required by law to operate ambulances and drive horse boxes. A CAT 1 licence enables drivers to manoeuvre vehicles above 3.5t but not above 7.5t.

    Drivers of CAT 1s can earn a great wage, with an annual salary averaging £24,000.

    Is HGV training in Worthing affordable?

    At HGV Training Network, we provide some of the most reasonable rates around for HGV training – however, costs depend on the amount of training you require and how quickly you learn.

    Naturally, if you’ve had prior experience with HGV driving training, you shouldn’t need as much which will lower the fees. Differently, if you’re new to HGV training, it will likely cost you more as you’ll be needed more time with your instructor.

    With us, you don’t need to worry about upfront payments – we offer flexible finance packages to fit all budgets. So, you can split the costs of your course across three years rather than paying one lump sum.

    Is earning an HGV licence hard in Worthing?

    Earning your HGV licence comes down to practice, hard work and elite training alongside a professional instructor. 

    A seasoned instructor has the knowledge to help you pass your HGV training in Worthing, having been there themselves.

    Our instructors have real-world experience in the HGV sector and will offer invaluable guidance with proven results.

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