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    Demand for qualified HGV drivers is on the rise in the UK, join hundreds of people who are changing their lives and starting a more rewarding career with HGV training in Northampton.

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    Why become an HGV driver in Northampton?

    Currently, the UK Government and the Road Haulage Association (RHA) suggest that an additional 80,000- 100,000 HGV drivers are needed –meaning there are plenty of jobs available to people who wish to retrain and drivers looking for job security.

    No matter where you are up to in your HGV training in Northampton, your go-to contact is there to support and help you in any way they can. Our many 5* reviews celebrate our excellent support services.

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    Why become an HGV driver in Northampton?

    Becoming an HGV driver is a position perfect for those who love to get out on the open road and drive.

    It allows you to travel and see more of the world, as well as experience a working life that ensures every day is unique! Not only this but there is a healthy earning potential of £55,000 and beyond, on top of flexible hours and limited driving hours.


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    If you’re looking to start your LGV and HGV driver training, we offer fully accredited, expert support whenever you’re ready.


    Why start HGV Training in Northampton with HGV Training Network?

    The HGV Training Network offer a person-centred service, offering specific support and services for every person who applies for their HGV/ LGV training. 

    This will include completing both your theory, practical and CPC training. Your go-to support contact will be available to help you complete any aspect of your HGV training in Northampton, including during your theory, practical, and, if necessary, your CPC training. 

    This means that depending on your experience and qualification level, we can support you to complete your HGV/ LGV training and get out on the roads.

    Pricing and finance options for HGV driver training in Northampton

    Worried about the cost of training and a loss of earnings? 

    HGV Training Network is proud to be the only training provider with a range of pricing and finance options for learners. This includes our Train Now and Pay Later finance, which allows you to spread the cost over a 36-month period, enabling you to change careers without the financial implications.

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    checked Pay your loan off early without penalty!

    Ready to achieve your HGV licence with the help of our team?

    Our friendly experts are on hand to provide you with the best quality HGV training in Northampton. Find out more about our training courses including; bus driver training, HIAB training, ADR training, Horsebox driver training and trailer training.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What can I drive after my HGV training?

    The type of HGV licence you should get depends on the size of the vehicle you need to drive and what it carries. The majority of drivers will opt to learn to complete one, or more of the following licences.
    7.5 Ton – Cat C1
    This licence is for smaller, rigid vehicles weighing between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes. If you passed your driving test before 1997, you should already have one of these licences – just check the back of your licence to be sure.

    Sometimes called Final Mile lorries, these vehicles are used to do the final leg of a delivery journey and are designed for built-up areas that larger lorries cannot access.

    These are a great starting point for people looking for a career swap and once you have this licence you can build on it, allowing you to drive larger vehicles and complete higher-paid jobs.

    Drivers delivering on this licence can earn around £25k per year for a 40–45-hour week and can consider jobs driving ambulances and horse boxes.
    Class 2 – Cat C
    Also called a Category C licence, drivers of Class 2 vehicles can legally drive vehicles over 7.5 tonnes with a rigid base, if they do not exceed 32T

    Vehicles under this licence use most of their miles around cities and towns, rather than completing large motorway stretches, but this may differ depending on your employer.

    Most industries rely on deliveries completed by Class 2 drivers, so this can be an excellent option for new drivers.

    Drivers of Class 2 vehicles can earn around £30k per year for a 40-45 hour driving week and can also include jobs driving fire engines and bin lorries.
    Class 1 – Cat C + E
    Normally the largest vehicles on the road, Class 1 drivers will drive vehicles weighing in excess of 7.5 tonnes with a detachable trailer.

    These lorries are used on longer, motorway routes with larger, heavier loads – maximum weight limits are up to 44 tonnes!

    The C + E category can only be obtained if you already have a Category C licence, and you will usually need prior driver experience too.

    Drivers of the largest vehicles can expect the highest wages and can expect around £40k per year for a 40–45-hour week, with specialist positions extending up to £50k per annum.

    For more information about which vehicle training is best for you, simply call or email us today at  Our friendly advisors will gladly discuss your options and career plans to help you make a decision.

    Can I complete HGV training in Northampton if I don’t live there?

    Absolutely! We have over 50 locations across the UK, so there will be a local site for pretty much everyone looking to complete HGV or LGV training. 

    While most people choose to attend the closest training site to their home, your choice of training location is completely up to you – as long as you can commute to the training facility during your training period.

    Browse our full list of locations and see which one will work best for you. All you need to then is register for your preferred location and we’ll do the rest.

    Which vehicles can I learn to drive with HGV training in Northampton?

    With HGV training in Northampton, you have a choice of three sizes of vehicles, which relate to the licence you need. These include:

    • 7.5 Ton Cat C1 licence – designed for rigid vehicles weighing up to 7.5 tonnes, sometimes referred to as final mile lorries. This is also ideal for ambulances and horse boxes.
    • Class 2 Cat C2 licence – designed for vehicles over 7.5 tonnes with a rigid base that does not exceed 32T, ideal for driving in cities and towns. Ideal for those looking to drive fire engines or bin lorries.
    • Class 1 Cat C + E licence – designed for the largest vehicles on the road, this licence covers all vehicles up to 44 tonnes with a detachable trailer. Usually completed longer, motorway routes.

    For more information about which vehicle training is best for you, simply call or email us today at  Our friendly advisors will gladly discuss your options and career plans to help you make a decision.

    Where will I complete my HGV training in Northampton?

    There are two HGVTN training centres – one located in Northampton town centre and the other in the centre of Milton Keynes. So, whether you live in the heart of the city or just outside, you’ll be able to choose the most convenient centre for you.

    This limits the amount of time you have to spend commuting, which can make you unnecessarily tired and put pressure on your home life during your training week.

    With over 50 locations across the UK, here at HGV Training Network we are guaranteed to have a training centre near you.

    Browse the full list of our locations or contact us if you’d like more information on a particular location, including an address.

    Will delays for driving tests mean delays for HGV driver training?

    Luckily, the delays for car driving tests being experienced all over the country currently will not slow down driving tests for LGV and HGV drivers.

    The reasons for this are twofold:

    1. The tests are different and are completed at different test centres.
    2. There is a current and upcoming shortage of HGV drivers that the government are taking measures to address – including being able to skip passing rigid lorry tests before learning to drive an articulated lorry.

    This means that no matter your current position in your learning journey, you can expect to be taking the appropriate driving tests within 5 days of beginning your practical lessons.

    To get your HGV or LGV driving journey underway, contact us today. You can fill in an enquiry form and we’ll get back to you or you can give us a call and speak to our friendly staff directly.

    Can I get a quote for HGV driver training in Northampton before I start?

    As each service from the HGV Training Network is completely bespoke, we will need to get some more information from you before we can give you a quote for HGV or LGV driver training.

    For this reason, we are unable to give a generalised price breakdown.

    To receive a personalised, no-obligation quote for HGV driver training across the UK, get in touch today!

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