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    Train for a fresh and thrilling new job as a HGV driver with HGV Training Network. Our professional HGV training in Aberdeen will set you up for a long and enjoyable career on the road, with skills and qualifications that are in demand.

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    Need HGV training in Aberdeen?

    There are dozens of HGV jobs springing up in Aberdeen right now – companies need reliable people like YOU to get their goods where they need to go.

    If you live in or around Aberdeen and want to explore something new, why not consider becoming a HGV driver?

    HGV Training Network is here to help you earn your licence so you can take advantage of all these incredible opportunities as a fully-qualified HGV driver.

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    easy it is to get started

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    Why become a HGV driver in Aberdeen?

    Thousands of people across Scotland and the UK have said goodbye to their old jobs and jumped head-first into exciting and independent work as HGV drivers.

    If you’re sick of the 9 to 5 and value your privacy, there’s arguably no better job for you than being a HGV driver. Travel across the country, in your own space, while enjoying fantastic pay.

    Experienced HGV drivers can earn upwards of £60k a year.


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    If you’re looking to start your LGV and HGV driver training, we offer fully accredited, expert support whenever you’re ready.


    Why choose HGV Training Network for your HGV training?

    With over 200 5-star reviews on Google from satisfied students who’ve gone on to become qualified HGV drivers, you’ll be in the safest hands with us.

    Our team is stacked with experienced HGV drivers, ready to share their knowledge with you, so you can make a huge change in your life.

    We support our students with all aspects of HGV driver training – from medical assessments to job hunting and more – we’ll always be by your side.

    Pricing and finance options for HGV driver training in Aberdeen

    If you want to start HGV driver training but can’t afford to pay upfront our flexible finance options allow you to break up your payments, on a monthly basis, so you can focus less on your bank account and more on earning your licence.

    We’ll work with you to come up with a payment plan you can manage, breaking your fees down into affordable payments that you can pay off while you train.

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    Contact HGV Training Network for HGV driver training in Aberdeen

    If you are looking to start your LGV and HGV driver training, contact HGV Training Network today for fully accredited, expert support.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does HGV training in Aberdeen take?

    On average, it takes between eight and 10 weeks to complete the full HGV learning process, but the practical side of your assessment can be completed as quickly as five days. Working with a reliable HGV training provider like HGVTN gives you an ironclad advantage over countless other drivers and gets you your licence in a way that’s fast, affordable and professional.

    How can HGV Training Network help me in my training?

    Along with your HGV driving tuition, HGVTN organises multiple other parts of your learning journey, too. Take your medical assessment, for example. Every new driver needs to undergo a medical to make sure they’re fit enough to drive HGVs. We’ll help organise this for you, so you won’t be on your own in what can be a stressful time for some. You won’t find this level of hands-on assistance with other HGV training providers.

    How much does HGV training in Aberdeen cost?

    Our flexible finance options give you the chance to pay for your training in a way that works for you. It’s one of the reasons so many students are happy to train with us. Not only are we affordable, we don’t make you pay for everything upfront, which can be a godsend at times like these. If you’d like to find out more about our finance options and how much your training will cost, get in touch with us today.

    Is it difficult to earn a HGV licence in Aberdeen?

    It’s easy to see why you may think that. But the truth is learning to drive HGV isn’t a million miles away from learning to drive a car. That’s why you’re already in a fantastic position, because you will already know how to drive a car if you want to learn how to drive a HGV. Now all we need to do is build on the skills you already have and put a new wheel in your hand. Of course, it’s a little more extensive than that, but you get the idea. If you’re able to drive already, there’s no reason you shouldn’t explore driving HGVs.

    Where will I do my HGV training in Aberdeen?

    Our official training centre in Aberdeen is the perfect place to earn your licence if you live in or around the Aberdeen area. You’ll have access to everything you need to become an exceptional HGV driver right on your doorstep.

    Can HGV drivers work 7 days a week?

    It’s possible, but you should always allow yourself time to rest, even if you’re really enthusiastic about driving HGVs! Remember, there are laws in place to protect both drivers and the public. Drivers must take a 45-minute rest for every 4.5 hours of driving they do and not exceed 9 hours of driving in a day.

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