Are truck drivers getting healthier?
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Are Truck Drivers Getting Healthier?

With a busy schedule and stressful routine and irregular hours of sleep, it comes as no surprise that most truck drivers are overweight. Getting stuck in traffic jams and dealing with shipper delays on a routine basis, means HGV drivers usually have no set eating pattern. As a result of all this anxiety, unfortunately, more than 80 per cent of truck drivers are affected by a disease called Metabolic Syndrome which increases the risk of getting diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

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Lee Rigby and Eddie Stobbart HGV
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Who Remembers Stobarts 2nd ever ‘Male Truck’ after Lee Rigby

In 2013 after the tragic murder of Lee Rigby, the famous haulage firm, Eddie Stobart named their truck to honour the 25-year-old soldier. This was the second time ever that an Eddie Stobart truck was named after a man. The first one was named Valentino after the Italian racing legend Valentino Rossi. The usual green and red Eddie Stobart trucks are mostly named after females. Therefore it is a rare honour for a man to have a truck named after him.

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