Medical conditions to tell DVLA about
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5 Surprising Medical Conditions that Could Cost you Money if You Don’t Tell the DVLA

Generally, anyone who passes a driving test is aware of the road laws. It is common knowledge that you must inform the DVLA if you develop any medical conditions which might affect your ability to drive properly. For instance, a minimum field of vision is required to be able to drive. New mothers who have had a c-section are instructed to avoid driving for at least six weeks. However, there are a number of other medical conditions which can seriously hinder your ability to drive. These include illnesses which have side effects such as hearing loss, sleep deprivation and a few more. Learn more about these surprising medical conditions which could get you a £1000 fine if you fail to inform the DVLA about them. In case you get involved in an accident as a result of any of these illnesses, you may also be prosecuted by the law.

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