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6 Great Reasons to Become an HGV Driver

Becoming a HGV driver is not a common career choice. However, those who do enter this field realise how rewarding it can be. The life of an HGV driver is much different from that of a nine-to-fiver. It has its share of challenges as well as advantages. Here are 6 major reasons why a career as an HGV driver might be the right choice for you.

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Brexit problems for UK drivers - HGV Training Network
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Brussels Brexit Punishment for UK Drivers

The European Union has hinted that post-Brexit; the UK driving licenses might not be recognised in Europe. For British people, this would mean not being able to take out insurance or hire a car when in Europe. This suggestion will probably result in an outrage amongst the millions of British drivers who travel abroad every year.

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SmartCap protective gear to prevent driver tiredness - HGV Training Network
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SmartCap- A Headgear to Oppose Driver Tiredness

Tiredness and fatigue are known to be one of the major reasons for a dominant number of road accidents, every year. It is hard to determine the exact number of collisions which are a result of the driver being tired or sleepy. However, a research estimates that up to a quarter of serious road accidents including those resulting in loss of life, are caused by drowsiness.

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