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FTA – HGV Driver of the Year

Like every year, FTA is organising a thrilling three-day event in September 2017 as well to choose the ‘FTA Driver of the Year’. It is a great opportunity for all van and truck drivers (of up to 18 tonnes and up to 44 tonnes) to come forward and showcase their skills. The competition is open for all professional drivers, belonging to any sector, living in the UK. The event will be held from 12-14th September 2017.

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Her-G.V Campaigns to Get More Women Drivers into the Industry

With over 92% of HGV drivers being males, there is no denying the fact that women are clearly underrepresented in the haulage industry. As 60% of HGV drivers are over 45 years of age, there are more people looking to retire than gain HGV training and join the HGV industry. According to figures released by Road Haulage Association, around 40,000 drivers are due to leave the industry by 2017.

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Is this the future of HGV's? -HGV Training Network
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Is This The Future of HGV?

Recently, Volvo Trucks covered a new milestone in the HGV industry. By coming up with the idea of a self-steering truck in Brazil, Volvo got everyone’s attention. The prototype trucks which were tested recently, have been developed to help prevent crop wastage while harvesting sugarcane.

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