Supply chain could be broken by employment timebomb- HGV Training
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FTA Warns Supply Chain Could Be Broken by Employment Timebomb

With much attention focused on the UK’s overall unemployment figures, which were released by the Office of National Statistics last week, the association representing businesses in the supply chain is concerned by how the status of European workers within the UK logistic sector are set to be affected by the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

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Gritter lorry heroes of the winter
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The Unsung Heroes of Winter – The Humble Gritter Lorry

When the winter hits in just a few months, the gritter lorries will once again be making their way across the UK, battling to make roads a safer place for determined motorists and to keep the country moving. A good indicator that the it’s about to get icy would be spotting these lorries doing their rounds. In Scotland, you can even track gritting lorries on a map to see if your area has been cleared yet. They even have amusingly named lorries, such as Gritty Gritty Bang Bang, Luke Snowalker and Gritty Gonzales – but why are gritting lorries so important, and who drives them anyway?

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What makes a successful HGV driver? - HGV Training Network
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What Does it Take to Be a Successful HGV Driver?

If you have a HGV license, you are able to drive a heavy goods vehicle in the UK – however it takes more than just this to be a successful HGV driver. As drivers progress through their career, they soon learn that there a particular set of personal skills which help to make their working day more efficient and smoother. Developing these skills early can really help to improve your career prospects.

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