There are some essentials that HGV drivers who regularly travel up and down the roads of Europe and the UK simply cannot do without.

Whether you’re talking about a good quality toolkit, pillows, or photographs of family – each HGV driver has a range of wants and needs which enable them to go about their job on a daily basis.

One item that every HGV Driver MUST have in the cab is a dash cam – a neat little camera that sits in front of the driver, recording anything that may happen on the journey.

Here are just some of the benefits you experience with your dash cam:

Recording accidents

An accident can happen on the road at any time, for any reason – a dash cam certainly won’t stop accidents from happening, but it can certainly make the after-effects much easier to deal with. HGVs already demand a high yearly insurance premium, so the last thing needed is that pushed up further by an accident you didn’t cause.

Preventing Insurance Fraud

Did you know there was over £100 million worth of roadside insurance fraud in 2017? This is where accidents are staged – with a significant number of these targeting HGV drivers. With a dash cam firmly in your cab, you can collect all the evidence you need to reveal the fraudsters for what they are and escape the blame for a mistake you didn’t make.

Reporting Bad Driving

However you look at it, there are a lot of bad drivers on the roads – and each one is a potential danger to other road users. Whether that be tailgating, cutting other road users off – or just plan bad driving a dash cam is a great tool which allows you to catch them in the act and report them. This is much easier when you have physical evidence captured by your dash cam.

For a nominal cost you can have a dash cam sitting on your dashboard, silently protecting you from common issues that arise from road accidents and the impact they, and fraudsters, can have on your insurance. Not having a dash cam is not an option for a HGV driver – and we recommend you get yours as soon as possible.