Have you grown weary of all the office politics, or are you sick to death of your current work environment? Maybe you simply want to try something new?

Whatever your reasons for looking into how to become a lorry driver, it’s safe to say HGV driving presents plenty of advantages and benefits over your previous line of work, right?

Greater independence, fantastic work/life balance, mouth-watering wages and plenty of job opportunities are barely scratching the surface of why you may want to make the switch.

At first glance, given how many of them are on the roads and how imposing the vehicles seem, you may think becoming a HGV driver is a complex task – but it’s actually a lot easier than you think.

In fact, with the right training from a reliable and trusted HGV training provider – like HGV Training Network – you could be out of your current role and on the open road in a matter of weeks, not months.

So if you’re interested in becoming a HGV driver, keep reading. Or get in touch with the team right now if you’re ready.Did you know: HGV Training Network has over 300 5-star reviews from satisfied learners? Take a look at them here!

How to become a HGV driver? - HGV Training Network

Minimum qualifications required to be a HGV driver

First things first. To become a HGV driver, you’ll need to have the relevant qualifications and driving skills to get behind the wheel. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ll already have your full UK driving licence, which is good – you’ll need one of these before you can start learning to drive HGVs.

Then, of course, you’ll need some form of HGV or LGV licence, which you’ll receive after completing your chosen training. At HGVTN, we offer training courses for those seeking to drive an array of large vehicles, meaning you could also learn with us if you wanted to become a bus driver, or similar. You can explore more of these here.

You’ll also need a professional driving qualification called the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). More on that in a moment.

How much does it cost to become a HGV driver?

The cost of HGV training courses depends on a variety of factors, including the training provider you choose, the specific licence you’re trying to obtain, and how you plan to pay for your training.

While many aspiring learners can be put off by the overall cost of training, this needn’t be the case if they trained with HGVTN. Thanks to our Train Now, Pay Later finance options, learner HGV drivers can earn the qualifications they need while paying on a pre-agreed finance plan that meets their budget and needs, giving them plenty of time to pay for training and offering financial peace of mind in the same breath.

Want to know more about our amazing finance packages for HGV training? Speak to a HGVTN representative today.

How to become a HGV driver? - HGV Training Network

The steps to earning your HGV licence and becoming a professional HGV driver

1 – Seek out HGV/lorry driver training courses

The law requires all new HGV drivers to have undergone professional HGV training, resulting in a HGV licence.

To do this, you’ll need to train with an accredited, vetted and experienced HGV training provider. Luckily for you, HGV Training Network is home to more than 50 official training centres scattered across the UK.

So, no matter where you live, you’ll always be within close distance of somewhere you can learn with experienced driving instructors who’ve been exactly where you are now, without the need for extensive commuting. Get in touch with HGV Training Network today to get the ball rolling.

2 – Undergo a medical examination

The law also requires you to undergo a medical examination to ensure you’re fit to drive professionally. This is both for your safety and the safety of others on the road, as suffering a medical episode behind the wheel could have dire consequences.

HGV Training Network organises your medical examination for you as part of your training, saving you the hassle of booking in with a doctor yourself. Yet another reason so many students are thrilled to learn with us!

3 – Revise for and take your HGV theory test

You remember taking your theory test when you were first trying to earn your car licence, right? Well, the HGV theory test is virtually the same process.

Upon booking your HGV theory test, you’ll need to find the right resources to study in preparation. We provide you with theory software for you to prepare for the tests, including study material, test questions, videos and more tools, so you know exactly what to focus your attention on.

The test is split into three parts – multiple choice and hazard perception – these make up the driver theory test for the HGV. Just like a standard driving theory test. So if you’ve completed one of these tests before, you’re already in a great position.

It’s pretty self-explanatory; You need to choose the correct answers in your multiple choice test and click at the appropriate moment during your hazard perception test when you see a hazard or potential hazard emerging. Simple! Check out our blog on your HGV theory test for more info.

The third and final test you do is the first part of the CPC. This test will give you a number of “case studies” based on situations you’ll likely come across whilst driving a HGV. 

4 – Practice for and take your HGV practical test and CPC test

Once you’ve passed your HGV theory test with flying colours, it’s time to do the same with your practical. During revision for your HGV practical test, you’ll get behind the wheel of an HGV with a trained, qualified HGV training instructor who will show you everything you need to know to become a professional driver.

After several hours of practical training (the time differs from person to person) your instructor will let you know they think you’re ready to take the practical test – and pass! During your practical exam, you’ll be expected to complete the same motions and processes you practiced with your instructor, as well as confirm you’re able to handle the vehicle safely and perform all adequate safety checks, such as a vehicle walk-around.

You’ll also need to complete your driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) training and test to earn your driver certificate – this is a required qualification lorry drivers must have and must be renewed every few years. But don’t worry, at HGVTN, we also arrange all of this for you, so you can devote all your time and energy towards your studies.

5 – Receive your licence and apply for jobs

After passing all relevant parts of your exams, you’ll be awarded your HGV licence – the tool you need to qualify for available HGV jobs. While the training and period itself can be over and done within just a few days, it will take several weeks for your licence to arrive.

But once you have it, you can begin searching ‘HGV jobs near me’ online using the major job search sites. Thanks to the demand, you’ll likely be greeted with a plethora of job opportunities right on your doorstep.

However, with HGVTN, you’ll also gain access to our partner, Blue Arrow, who specialises in linking new HGV drivers with the jobs most suitable to them. So your job hunt might be a short one!

How to become a HGV driver? - HGV Training Network

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