If you currently drive buses and coaches but fancy a career change, you might well be considering if HGV driving is an option for you. 

Sure, they are both large, heavy vehicles – but thanks to the difference in cargo, you need a different licence altogether. 

Read on to find out everything you need to know about driving an HGV with a bus licence. 

Can you drive a bus on an HGV licence?

So, simply put, no – you can’t drive a bus if you have any of the HGV licences, including:

  • Class 1 – (Cat C + E)
  • Class 2 – (Cat C)
  • 7.5 Ton – (Cat C1)

Instead, you will have to retrain for a Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) qualification, which enables you to drive buses and coaches and carry a range of passengers to their chosen destinations.

Can you drive a HGV on a bus licence? - HGV Training Network

Can I drive a coach on an HGV license?

As with aspiring bus drivers, anyone looking to drive a coach will need to have a PCV qualification and licence. 

The PCV licences include: 

  • Bus and coach licence (Cat D) 

The Category D licence allows drivers in the UK and Europe to drive buses and coaches with up to 64 passengers, as either a single or double-decker bus. 

With a possible salary of up to £40k and incredibly high job satisfaction that empowers you to put you and your career first – it’s not surprising so many people are changing jobs! 

  • Minibus licence (Cat D1)

If you are looking to drive minibuses as opposed to a bus or coach, you will need to train and qualify for your D1 licence. 

With this licence, you can drive vehicles that have:

  • Up to 16 passenger seats
  • A length that doesn’t exceed 8m 
  • A trailer with a maximum capacity of 750kg 

When driving these vehicles, average salaries can range from £30-£35k per annum, rising with experience. 

Can you drive a HGV on a bus licence? - HGV Training Network

Can PCV drivers drive HGV?

Just as HGV drivers can’t drive Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV), PCV drivers don’t have the required qualification needed to drive HGVs safely on the road. 

HGV licences include: 

  • Class 1 – (Cat C + E)

The largest vehicles on the road, Class 1 drivers can drive vehicles weighting from 7.5-44 tonnes with detachable trailers and can earn between £40-£55k per annum.  

  • Class 2 – (Cat C)

Drivers of Class 2 vehicles can legally control over 7.5 tonnes, up to 32 tonnes with rigid bases. 

With this licence you can also drive fire engines and refuse lorries, earning a wage of around £40k per year. 

  • 7.5 Ton – (Cat C1)

This licence can be included in your current driver’s licence, depending on when you gained it, and allows you to drive rigid vehicles that weigh between 3.5-7.5 tonnes – including ambulances and horse boxes. 

With this licence, you can expect to earn around £30k per year. 

To gain these qualifications, you will need to find a reputable HGV training centre near you from which to complete your training and gain your qualifications. 

And thanks to your experience driving very large vehicles on the UKs roads, you will likely find that you can complete your HGV training much faster than you might have thought. 

*Not sure which HGV training course is right for you? Drop the team a message – we’d be happy to advise you!

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