If you’re looking into becoming a fully qualified HGV driver, or a driver of similar vehicles, you may have heard of driver CPC training – also known as driver Certificate of Professional Competence training. 

But while there’s plenty of information out there about HGV training courses and the steps involved in the process, you may be scratching your head over certain aspects of driver CPC courses and the certificate itself. It’s not as talked about, but that doesn’t make it any less important if you want to get out on the open road and turn driving into an enjoyable, profitable career.

At HGV Training Network, we’re experts in driver training and helped hundreds of satisfied learners fulfil their goals and become reliable, professional drivers. With this in mind, here are a few things you might want to know about the CPC, and why it’s so essential.

Why do I need to complete CPC training?

CPC is an essential component of anyone wishing to drive large vehicles for a living, such as buses and lorries.

While the driving test you will undergo is designed to show you have the necessary skills and knowledge to drive to the minimum standard, think of the CPC as the ‘gap-filler’ of the driving test world. It is in place for you to demonstrate key knowledge and decision-making skills you will use during your driving career that will help keep yourself and others safe on the road.

Completing your CPC before becoming a driver is also a legal requirement. According to the EU directive, drivers must hold their CPC alongside their other relevant qualifications (such as an HGV licence) in order to drive professionally.

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How many hours of CPC training do I need to complete?

New drivers must complete a mandatory 35 hours of CPC training before they complete their CPC exam, pass, and finally get behind the wheel.

But the same is true of existing drivers, too. Current drivers of large vehicles must also complete 35 hours of CPC training every 5 years if they want their certificate to remain valid. This is known as driver CPC periodic training.

If drivers do not complete the mandatory 35 hours of periodic CPC training, their certificate will be voided and they must re-earn it by taking the relevant exams again. As such, they will not be legally allowed to drive large vehicles until they’ve regained it.

Did you know – at HGVTN, we have over 300 5-star reviews on Google of students who’ve all undergone driving training with us, including earning their CPC!

How do I check how many CPC hours I’ve completed?

If you’re wondering precisely how many hours of CPC training you’ve completed, there is a handy online tool you can use at GOV.UK to keep track of everything – take a look at it here.

Not only is this great for you to view how many hours you’ve completed, but it is also helpful for your training instructors and employers (if they’re involved) to see how you’re progressing – you can create their own bespoke login on your account.

Just be aware that your chosen training centre must have registered you for your CPC training course before you’re able to view your progress using this tool.

Drivers CPC Check - HGV Training

Will CPC training be scrapped?

In short, no. Despite online rumblings that the CPC may be removed from UK driver training courses post-Brexit, CPC training remains an essential part of driver training and must be completed if you wish to drive lorries or similarly large vehicles.

Is CPC training classed as working time?

One of the many benefits of CPC training is that it can, in some instances, count towards your weekly working hours. For example, if you have been ordered to complete CPC training by your employer, so you can continue to provide your company with driving services, these hours can count towards your work hours. 

In other words, as a driver, CPC hours help you get paid. Sounds pretty good, right?

Are you an employer and want to know more about implementing driver and CPC training in your organisation? Speak with HGVTN today.


Can you fail a CPC course?

It is possible to fail elements of your CPC course. For example, module 4 of the CPC test – which covers practical demonstrations – can be failed if you are unable to show you can properly:

  • Load the vehicle following all safety rules
  • Assess emergency scenarios
  • Reduce physical risks to yourself and others
  • Perform a walkaround check of the vehicle

Among other factors. 

The pass/fail rates of each test segment will be given to you ahead of time, so you are fully aware of your results and what they mean. If you fail, you can rebook the test for a later date.

Drivers CPC Check - HGV Training

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