The HGV industry is crying out for the right people to help satisfy a huge shortage of drivers (estimated to be at least 60,000) and with the skills, determination and ability you will have gained and displayed in service, could make you perfect for the driving industry.

You may not have thought of driving as your natural progression from the Military, but here are five reasons you should think about it…

Get the Help You Need to Find the Right Job

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) recognises your suitability for a driving role, and they are actively looking for more ways to get ex-servicemen into the industry. The FTA are aiming to give you the opportunity to get back into work with an agency, a company or as a brand-new driver.

Good Salary

Due to the current skills shortage within the industry, a qualified HGV driver demands a fantastic base salary – estimated to be over £28,000 in the UK, with the majority of these workers in London and the Midlands.

Plenty of Opportunity

With the driver shortage as high as it is, there are loads of opportunities for those who have already trained within the industry as well as those new to it.

You May Already be Skilled.

As some roles in the military require driver training and certificates, this might mean you’re already qualified to start driving a HGV right away. HGV Training Network can provide you with CPC training should you need it.

Lifestyle Change

Unlike the military, you won’t be away for months on end. With some jobs, you may be away for full days however you have much more time to enjoy with your family.