With less than two weeks to go until polling day, coverage and conversations alike are full of the key policies of each of the political parties.

While we ponder what our futures might look like under a new or continued Conservative government, those looking into HGV training to improve their career prospects might wonder what this all means for them.

So, what might the general election mean for HGV training and driving? The expert team at HGV Training Network reveal all.

HGV Training General Election - HGV Training Network

Cuts in immigration could offer opportunities

A divisive and sensitive subject for many, immigration is a key focus of the 2024 general election so far.

But whether you agree with increased immigration control or not, both main parties, Labour and Conservatives, are suggesting cutting overseas recruitment-based immigration by offering targeted training in sectors facing staff shortages.

AKA – HGV drivers.

Labour intends to ‘reform the points-based migration system’ and ‘end the long-term reliance on overseas workers’ by bringing in workforce and training plans that will also ‘upskill [UK] workers and improve working conditions in the UK.’

In a similar vein, the Conservatives aim to deliver a Lifelong Learning Entitlement – giving adults the support they need to train, retrain, and upskill throughout their working lives. This will be achieved with loans that cover the cost of new qualifications* or Skills Bootcamps which directly address sector-specific shortages.

To ensure those in the UK are not competing for these jobs, the Tories also want to bring migration numbers down, welcoming only the ‘brightest and best’ by tightening VISA rules.  

Especially for those in marginalised communities

For people who face greater barriers to working, including:

  • Those trapped in long-term unemployment
  • Ex-offenders
  • Veterans
  • Homeless people
  • Those who are neuro-diverse or have mental health conditions

Are exactly the kind of people who need help to access skilled work, like HGV driving.

It’s hoped that reinforced interest in upskilling the UK workforce will allow for more of those who face difficulty or barriers when trying to find skilled work.

*If the Conservatives don’t come into power and bring in these loans, why not explore our HGV training finance? It doesn’t rely on red ties getting enough votes and can give you a same-day response thanks to the easy online application process.

HGV Training General Election - HGV Training Network

HGV training for the Driver (CPC) could change

A large part of HGV training, the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) qualification is an essential step to becoming qualified.

However, expected changes to the CPC may well not happen, as the general election has now been called and the changes have yet to be debated in parliament before they become law. 

As a result of a government consultation in 2023, changes looked set to cover:

What qualification type you wanted to pursue

Drivers could choose from either an International Driver CPC or a National Driver CPC, which allows you to drive in the EU and the UK or just the UK respectively.

For the International Driver CPC

To achieve this qualification, HGV drivers must complete 35 hours of International Driver CPC training every five years.

Course particulars include:

  • All courses must be at least seven hours long
    • If a course is split over a day, it must be completed on two consecutive days
    • E-learning in a trainer-led course is limited to two hours
    • You’re allowed to do a total of 12 hours e-learning towards your overall 35 hours of training

For the National Driver CPC

If you only want to drive in the UK, you can complete 35 hours of National Driver CPC training every five years or a combination of 35 hours of National Driver CPC and International Driver CPC training every five years.

If passed under the new government, changes looked set to include:

  • Decreased course time – from 7 hours to 3.5 hours
    • Split courses don’t need to be completed on consecutive days
    • E-learning only is not limited to two hours – you could complete the whole 3.5-hour e-learning course at home
    • E-learning can make up 12 hours of your overall 35 hours of training

However, there is no guarantee that future governments will progress these proposed changes, no matter how beneficial they would be to current and future HGV drivers – we’ll just have to wait and see.

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HGV Training General Election - HGV Training Network

Industry-wide issues

Like the CPC driver qualifications, there is a huge array of issues facing HGV drivers across the UK – and many voters will be wondering if these will also be addressed by campaigning political parties.

This includes:

  • A lack of proper truck stops

Which include secure places to park the HGVs, comfortable places to sleep, proper washrooms for keeping fresh, and access to healthy, unprocessed meals.

  • A lack of toilet facilities

Completely understandable on hours-long motorway routes.

  • Prompt repairs to UK roads, including potholes, and stopping endless roadworks that result in delays
  • The cessation of SMART motorways and hard shoulders being used as carriageways

Allowing for safe stopping in emergencies.

Choose HGV Training Network if you want a provider in the know

Until the final vote is cast on July 4th, there’s no way to know who will end up leading the UK for the next four years.

However, all we can do is campaign loudly for change for existing and upcoming drivers who have completed HGV training with us at HGVTN.

With over 50 locations across the UK and experienced HGV staff who stay up to date with all current affairs within the industry, you can be confident you’ll have all the skills needed to be an HGV driver for years to come.

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