Government funding for HGV training has allowed thousands of people to take HGV driver training and enter the world of HGV driving as a career.

Originally announced in 2021, the funding scheme was designed to bring new drivers into the industry, to make up for losses that came about as a result of the pandemic and Brexit, along with the current HGV driver shortage.

Government-funded HGV training courses and HGV skills bootcamps in 2022 were very popular, which is one of the reasons the government announced it was extending the HGV training funding scheme into 2023. But is free training for HGV driving still available in 2024, and can you earn your HGV driving licence without it?

Government-funded HGV training courses 2024

At first, it seemed as though the HGV skills bootcamp scheme government funding for HGV training courses would finish at the end of 2023. However, this hasn’t proven to be the case.

It now appears the government has extended the scheme into 2024, meaning new lorry drivers and those planning to drive similar vehicles have more time to learn the skills they need to start a career as an HGV driver with help from the UK government.

But the clock is ticking, and with the recent financial struggles the country has been facing, there’s every possibility the scheme will be finished at the end of the 2025 financial year. 

This means if you want to take an HGV test to become an HGV driver after this time, or if you’re not eligible for government funding, you’ll need to find alternative solutions if you need a hand with funding your studies.

Luckily, there are other options available aside from government funding for HGV training…

Government funding for HGV training - HGV Training Network

HGV training finance from HGV Training Network

At HGV Training Network, we’re proud to offer flexible finance solutions to those seeking to become HGV drivers and earn the qualifications they need – including their driver certificate of professional competence.

This allows you to pay for your studies in simple monthly instalments. Perfect for those unable to pay out of pocket for their training now that government funding for HGV training has ended.

Flexible finance options can be a lifesaver for those getting behind the wheel of a heavy goods vehicle. They can really take the pressure off and make the experience a lot less overwhelming.

If you’re thinking about HGV training, finance options could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Here are just a few great benefits of learning to drive a HGV through flexible finance.

Did You Know? You’ll find over 300 5-star reviews for HGVTN from satisfied students on Google… Many of whom took advantage of our flexible finance options!

Earn your HGV licence without worrying about your bank balance without government funding for HGV training

A lot of courses expect students to pay the entirety of their tuition upfront.

That’s why flexible finance for HGV training can be a godsend if you want to enter the world of HGV driving.

With our HGV training finance, you can get on with your learning without worrying about the state of your bank account.

Why? Because we don’t make you pay the entirety of your course costs upfront. Instead, you can pay for your HGV training in easy-to-manage monthly instalments.

So you can spread the cost and put the money you’ll save in the short term towards other important payments like household bills, making it easy to obtain your HGV license without government funding for HGV training.

Government funding for HGV training

Pay for your HGV training on a payment schedule that works for you

Even if you don’t need to pay a ridiculous sum upfront, sometimes people are left in dire straits due to having a bloated credit agreement they know they can’t afford. 

These are usually made up of things like mobile phone contract payments and insurance costs.

At HGV Training Network, we know how hard it can be to balance your finances while studying. That’s why we work closely with our students to come up with a payment plan that’s tailored to their budget and schedule. You can be confident that you’ll never have to pay more than you can comfortably afford.

If you’re worried about your HGV class 2 training cost, class 1 training cost, or the cost of training for any other heavy goods vehicle, we’re here to help.

We’ve partnered with Snap- the UK’s only multi-lender retail finance provider – to bring you payment options you can fit around your current finances.

If you’re eligible, you could even stretch your payment plan across a massive 36 months, if that works for you, giving you plenty of time to pay everything back.

While we can’t offer a finance agreement to every prospective HGV learner, most people are more than suitable.

Our eligibility rules are in place not only for our benefit but for yours, so you don’t sign up for an agreement that you’re not able to follow.

All we ask is that you:

  • Are at least 18 years old.
  • Have a regular income of £200 per week.
  • Are a permanent UK resident and have lived in the UK for at least 3 years.
  • Have a UK bank account capable of accepting Direct Debits.
  • Have a good credit history with no recent defaults or late payments.
  • Have no active debt relief orders, County Court Judgments(CCJs), Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVAs) or bankruptcies.
  • Provide an email address so your documentation can be emailed to you.
  • Are legally able to obtain an HGV provisional licence

Easy enough, right? If you’d like more of a visual example, we have an outline of what your payment plan could look like on our HGV Finance page, so you know exactly how things will work.

If you want help with financing for HGV training and are eligible, get in touch to talk about how we can help.

Government funding for HGV Training - HGV Training Network

Get a decision on your HGV training finance in minutes, not days

Applying for a finance agreement can be a ridiculously drawn-out process in some cases.

Most lenders are so busy (or inefficient) they can take forever and a day to get back to you, even if you’ve dedicated a lot of time and resources to filling out your finance application to a tee.

This doesn’t work for people who need a decision on their eligibility quickly, especially if there are other options on the table.

You wouldn’t bother waiting for someone dragging their feet when you can get a decision made straight away, right?

That’s why we’re proud to offer our HGV training finance options through Snap. When you apply for a finance agreement with HGV Training Network, you won’t need to wait days or weeks for a response.

With us, you’ll usually know if you’re accepted within a few minutes. So, don’t worry, you’ll have a speedy answer and can start training with us sooner rather than later.

Want to pay back your loan early? Unlike other lenders, you won’t face a penalty with HGV Training Network

Sometimes, we can agree to pay back a consistent figure in a finance agreement every month, but it can be useful for our own finances (and peace of mind) to pay back a larger figure than usual.

This could happen if you come into some money unexpectedly, or have a better financial month than the previous one and have some spare cash lying around.

There can be a catch, though. Some lenders penalise their customers for paying back part or all of their loans early – a common practice amongst mortgage and credit lenders.

But with HGV Training Network, we won’t ever punish you for wanting to pay back your finance earlier than expected. Meaning you could clear your outstanding balance much quicker than expected.

If anything, paying back early shows you’re a reliable student who is happy to pay for the costs of your learning. So why would we ever punish you for that?

Pay for your HGV training with flexible finance options at HGV Training Network

If all of the above sounds like the right move for your HGV training, get in touch with HGV Training Network today.

Call 0800 254 5007 and let’s get the ball rolling. Or, you can head to our Finance page here and get a fast quote for your HGV training on finance. Find your nearest HGV training location to get started today.

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