Insurance can be a tricky subject for people to understand as it is based on so many variables.

Add in the extra confusion of having two different licences – a car and an HGV licence – and it gets even more complex.

To make things clearer, here is everything you need to know about insurance with an HGV licence.

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Is car insurance cheaper with an HGV licence?

Car insurance is calculated by providers using a range of factors to ascertain how risky you are as a policyholder. These factors include:

  1. Where you live and the crime rate in your area
  2. The kind of car you drive
  3. Where you normally park
  4. Your driving record
  5. The size of your No Claims Discount (NCD)
  6. The level of cover you choose
  7. The size of your voluntary excess

But it could also take into consideration your job as a professional driver. This is because you have more practice driving than most, which should in turn make you a better driver.

Unfortunately, this is dependent on your particular insurance provider, so you shouldn’t assume that just because you drive for a living it will make your car insurance cheaper – but it absolutely is worth asking about when shopping around for policies!

If you don’t ask, you don’t get right?

HGV driver car insurance - HGV Training Network

Do you need HGV insurance if you drive professionally?

Just as with cars, it is a legal requirement to have HGV or lorry insurance, unless it is registered as out of use with a Statutory Off-Road Notice (SORN).

HGV insurance covers other motorists, your lorry, and you, as well as the goods you are carrying – which is essential if you frequently carry very high-value haulage.

HGV insurance comes in the same three levels of cover: Third-Party Only (TPO), Third-Party, Fire and Theft (TPFT), and Comprehensive, allowing you to choose which is best for you and your vehicle and the use of devices like dash cams, telematics (black boxes), and additional security measures can bring the price down slightly.

If you’re not sure who should be paying the insurance, it is likely to be you, but check with your employer when you start – it should be outlined in your contract.

Can HGV drivers get discounted insurance?

This question can be considered in two areas: in your HGV insurance and your car insurance, but it is important to note that NCDs (No Claims Discounts) don’t carry over from one policy to another or are mirrored across the two.

In your HGV insurance

HGV insurance is an example of a commercial vehicle insurance policy and as such it will become cheaper as your number of NCDs increases.

When it comes to HGV insurance discounts, there are providers who prioritise professional drivers in order to attract them as a customer base. Irish provider Cornmarket Insurance appears as the favourite among professional driving forums so it’s worth shopping around.

Another way to get a discount can be to use specific measures, including:
1. Dash cams and other surveillance options
2. Telematics or black box insurance
3. Additional security measures to secure your load

In your car insurance

As we explored above, HGV drivers may be eligible for a discount, but this is down to the individual provider.

Some car insurance providers do partner with services aimed at HGV drivers in order to offer policyholders a discount, so you should check when comparing packages.

Suggested insurers that may offer a discount include Shiela’s Wheels, Apricot Insurance, and Cornmarket Insurance.

HGV driver car insurance - HGV Training Network

What insurance do you need to drive an HGV abroad?

What you need to travel safely and legally abroad can change country by country, but you will always need to have HGV insurance, with Third-Party cover being the minimum accepted.

Some countries in Europe, and the wider world, also require you to have a ‘green card,’ to verify your HGV insurance. These countries include:


HGV drivers don’t need a green card to drive in the following countries:

Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is important to check things out before you leave and keep backup copies of all documents with a friend or family member in case you need further copies while travelling.

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