HGV driver work hours are currently regulated by EU law

However it is unlikely that these will change once we have left. Working hours are strictly enforced – for good reason, as tiredness reduces concentration and alertness, and as the old saying goes, “tiredness can kill.”

HGV drivers are in control of vehicles which can do a great deal of harm to themselves and other road users if mishandled or control is lost while driving.

Standard Working Hours & Breaks

A standard working day over a 24hr period when driving vehicles is: • 4 ½ hours driving • 45 minute break • 4 ½ hours driving • Rest

Split Breaks

It is very important to take split breaks in this order, as drivers must take a 15 minute break first, and a half hour break later on in the day. • 2 hours driving • 15 minute break • 2 hours driving • 30 minute break • 4 ½ hours driving

Weekly Limits for HGV Drivers

Drivers are only allowed to work a 10 hour day twice a week, and can only ever work a maximum of 56 hours per week. In addition, you are only allowed to work 90 hours over 2 consecutive weeks – so if you work 56 hours in one week, you are only able to work 34 hours on the second week.

Other Work

It is important to note that you cannot carry out any “other work” during daily rest periods. You need a minimum of 11 hours daily rest per day – with any other work you may do not allowed to take place during this time.


A minimum of 9 hours rest per day must be taken. This is called “reduced rest” and you can only take 3 days of this reduced rest per week – while the other 2 days must be 2 full 11 hour rest days.

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