It can be quite daunting to be in a situation where you have to tow a caravan for the first time in life. However, with proper guidance, you should be able to do it easily.

Before you decide to buy a caravan, we suggest getting hands-on experience of towing one. You can give it a try at one of the larger caravan shows. Here you can get the opportunity to tow a caravan under the supervision of a specialist instructor.

Another option you can avail would be at your nearby caravan dealers. Most dealerships give you a chance to take a caravan out for a test drive. This is probably because it helps them to convince potential buyers to go ahead with the purchase.

You can also attend manoeuvring courses to become more confident before you actually buy your own Caravan.

Get an Appropriate License

Before you decide to purchase a caravan, make sure that you have a driving license which allows you to tow a caravan or trailer. The type of caravan you can tow would be according to the category entitlement of the license. It’s necessary to own a driving license which permits towing otherwise this can result in your caravan insurance becoming invalid.

Those who attained a driving license before the 1st of January 1997, are allowed to tow a total maximum authorised mass (MAS) of 8,250 kg, comprising of their vehicle and caravan together. This can be done till their license is valid. However, they must abide by the new law, if they wish to continue towing, which applies once they reach their 70th birthday.

Licenses authorised after January 1997 permit driving a vehicle of up to 3,500 kg while towing a caravan of up to 750 kg. To tow heavier weight you would need to pass another driving test.

It is best to familiarise yourself with the laws before you make a decision about buying a caravan. With a little effort, you would be able to tow a caravan or trailer without any trouble. Undergo trailer training to begin driving a caravan today.