The massive HGV has caught dangerous drivers using phones… and one even cooking food on a hot plate while in his cab

POLICE have revealed their latest weapon against dangerous drivers – a towering undercover lorry, complete with conspicuous flashing blue lights.

The unmarked vehicle gives cops an unrivalled vantage point when it comes to singling out drivers texting or using their smartphones behind the wheel.

Unmarked Police Lorry - HGV Training Network

The huge HGV, which has been snapped on the A38 near Plymouth, Devon, has even caught a driver cooking food on a hot plate while in his cab.

According to Chief Inspector Adrian Leisk, the white lorry has done a great deal to help officers catch other dangerous drivers red handed, as part of a roads policing operation in Devon and Cornwall, which is nicknamed Operation Allied Wolf.

Inspector Leisk said: “The overall aim of Operation Allied Wolf is road casualty reduction, at the same time helping to minimise crime and traffic related incidents in the area.”

Source The Sun