The main purpose of the HGV Training Network’s training is to bring the best out of drivers while they are on the road.

Once you are done training for your Cat C, Cat C1 or Cat C+E License, your instructor will notify you that you are ready for the practical which makes up the last part of your test. To efficiently carry out your duties as a HGV driver concentration, planning and professional skills are required.

We are often asked why HGV training is important (and mandatory) in order to pass the test. Here are some tips, and more information on how professional training prepares you for – and helps you pass – the practical test.

• Basic skills are taught, such as: checking controls are properly conditioned, adjustment of mirrors. These small things make a good impression on the assessor.

• It is advisable to have a good night’s sleep on the eve of your test, ensuring that you are active and productive.

• The experience you gain during your training will help you decide which attire is most comfortable, and convenient, for you whilst driving a HGV. You will not perform to your best ability if you are not comfortable enough to concentrate on the test, or HGV driving – particularly on long journeys.

• During training, behaviours and ideas which can help to increase your concentration levels are encouraged – such as turning off mobile phones and other distracting devices.

• Because of the training you have received, you will be able to better keep in mind rules and regulations you are expected to follow on the road.

• Training prepares you to always plan ahead and be prepared for what you are going to do. Heavy vehicles always take time to come to a stop, so you need to be alert and aware.

• Familiarity with your test area will help you predict the test routes to a certain extent.

• When getting on and off your vehicle make sure you use handrails and face forward, maintaining three points of contact. During your training, this will become second nature and you will do it without a second thought.

If you do make a mistake during the test, don’t dwell on it – as stress can cause you to make even more mistakes. Clear your mind and focus, allowing you to get the other things right. With a combination of the HGV Training Network’s expert training, and your great driving skills you will pass the test and be on the road in no time.