5 driving gadgets every HGV driver must have

What are the best driving gadgets for HGV drivers?

1 – iPad/Tablet device

Used to listen to music, stream television or play games, iPads and other tablet devices have become an essential all-in-one entertainment tool for our drivers. You can charge them up whilst driving and then turn to them to relieve the boredom during downtime on long trips experienced by trampers.

2 – Specialist sat nav

Most HGV drivers have the confidence to rely on their own direction rather than a sat nav. But our drivers found them very useful in meeting time deadlines when traffic jams are forecast ahead of them and an alternative route is required.

3 – Bluetooth hands-free kit

Whether their kits included an ear piece or a speaker on their dashboard, our drivers rated their hands-free systems in their top 3 best gadgets.

4 – Portable freezer

Cold drinks and ice creams on hot days, the portable freezer is a surprising addition to the top 5 gadgets, but one of the most useful.

5 – Portable oven

Another surprise addition to the top 5 but drivers found the ability to reheat and toast food on-the-go saved them time and money. Importance of in cab comfort In cab comfort is essential for any HGV driver and these 5 driving gadgets prove just that. As well as gadgets, having a great choice of radio stations, quiz websites, HGV driver forums and TV streaming services can all help to create a comfortable cab in your HGV.

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