Before making any road trip, whether local or abroad, it is always essential to check the roadworthiness of your vehicle. However, apart from this, there are a few other factors as well, which need to be considered. These are equally important, if not more.

The following tips are useful for all kinds of freight operators and haulage companies including trucks, vans, lorry drivers when driving to any country outside of the UK.


Before embarking on a journey, it is the job of the driver to ensure that tachographs are set. All the charts needed should also be carried, along with attestation letters, telling about inactive periods, if any. Make sure that the letters of attestation are in the languages of all the countries you plan to visit.

Tips for HGV driving abroad - HGV Training Network

Freight Paperwork

The type of paperwork which would be necessary to take along would depend entirely on the nature of your trip. This could either be dangerous goods paperwork and/or customs documentation. However, some of the necessary paperwork which must accompany you on any journey, at all times, would include tax disc, MoT certificate, operator licence disc, letter to prove you have permission to drive the vehicle, vehicle registration and insurance documents (we also suggest keeping your green card insurance with you).

It is also advisable to keep your photographic and paper driving licenses, passport, and National identity cards (if relevant, as UK residents don’t have ID cards).

It is always a good idea to have copies of all documents on your driver’s base, in case originals gets misplaced.


Always check for country-specific speed limits, vehicle dimensions, weight restrictions, driving timings etc.

Sufficient Funds

Always make sure you have enough money to pay for any issues that may arise on your journey, like fuel bills, tolls, fines and other expenses.

Tips for HGV driving abroad - HGV Training Network

Emergency Kit

While going on any long journey, your vehicle should have a high-visibility jacket, fire extinguisher, a first aid kit and a warning triangle. It is a good practice to check each individual country you would be travelling to, for their specific requirements.

With proper planning to prevent any hassle on your journey, you are bound to feel relaxed and in control during your trip abroad.