Passed your HGV test with HGV Training Network, and looking for that first job on the road?

Like any interview process, getting your first HGV job may be a daunting and scary experience. There are a lot of things to be learned, and an element of chance is involved – but that shouldn’t put you off from applying! HGV drivers are still in very high demand, and newly qualified drivers are like gold dust. Here are some great pointers to help you make the most of your interview and land the job!

Brush Up on English Skills

The HGV application process will include some reading and writing – from filling out the application form to a short written assessment, in-person interview or verbal assessment you will need to demonstrate good English skills from beginning to end. Before applying practice wiring out a few paragraphs and make sure your handwriting is legible and that your English is to a good enough standard and put together a decent paragraph. A regular part of the job is completing paperwork – such as delivery information and end of day reports, or any accident forms, clearly and concisely. So while your English doesn’t have to be perfect – it does need to be understood!

Craft Your First Impression

It may be a tired cliché – but it’s certainly not wrong. You only get one chance to make a first impression. How many times have you heard that one? When it comes to interviews and job applications, your window to make this impression is very small so you really need to nail it. This means preparing for the interview, getting yourself washed dressed smartly, and well presented. You do not want to turn up for an interview in dirty, torn clothes or a T-shirt with an offensive design. Make sure you are punctual with a copy of your CV.

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

With any job, preparation is key. So there’s no surprise it is included on this list. Preparation starts before you even walk into the interview. When you’re choosing companies to apply for, take some time to research the company and learn more about them. Your knowledge of the company can certainly impress interviewers and it gives you an idea of what exactly you’re applying for. Take a cover letter with you to further demonstrate this knowledge.

Practice Thinking Before You Speak

How many times have you let your put your foot in your mouth, and said something without thinking about it? Most of the time this can be harmless, you laugh it off and move on – but you do not want to put yourself in this position in an interview and sometimes it can be impossible to recover from. Before you go to the interview ask your family and friends to help you with some practice questions. This rehearsal of the interview process will train you to take a couple of seconds to think through your answers before opening your mouth to speak.

Get Your License

By far the most important item on this list! How can you drive a HGV on the roads when you are not licensed? If you don’t already hold a license it can be near-impossible to obtain a job. Most firms won’t want to train a driver in-house, especially when there are qualified drivers ready and waiting to fill out that space. There are a huge number of courses available to help you obtain your basic license and driver CPC qualification along with any upgrade licenses you might need. If you’re willing to wait and get the right licenses before starting to apply – you will put yourself in a much stronger position.

Contact us today to find out which courses are available for you, and which licenses you could get with HGV Training Network.