If you have a HGV license, you are able to drive a heavy goods vehicle in the UK – however it takes more than just this to be a successful HGV driver. As drivers progress through their career, they soon learn that there a particular set of personal skills which help to make their working day more efficient and smoother. Developing these skills early can really help to improve your career prospects.


As a HGV driver, you will be tasked with transporting valuable loads all over the UK and beyond. You can help to minimise the risk of any problems, or threats, to your cargo while you are responsible it is advisable to consider yourself “Guardian of Your Load”. This means keeping a constant eye on safety issues whilst having your mind on the needs of the client – and dealing with those involved with absolute honesty and integrity.


Uncertainty and delays can be kept to a minimum with good planning. This could be anything from calculating the most suitable route to manging the loading and unloading of goods – or simply ensuring that all paperwork is in order.

Stress Management.

Like any line of work, driving a HGV can cause stress. Particularly where long journeys are involved, which mean lengthy periods away from home and loved ones there is a huge potential for stress to develop. A good, experienced driver will recognise the symptoms and causes of stress and take steps to prevent this becoming an issue. Planning ahead to avoid rushing, taking regular breaks and making the most of the time in the cab with other activities, such as listening to music or learning a new language can be particularly useful for counteracting stress.

Knowing Your Vehicle.

A basic knowledge of how your vehicle operates, and a few simple tools, can make a great deal of difference to how easy your life on the road will be. Whether you are carrying out routine maintenance or making a repair to secure your load, a bit of practical know-how can really make the difference between a minor irritation and a full-blown disaster.