If you’ve been looking into HGV driving as a career path, you may have come across several terms that you’re not familiar with when investigating HGV theory and practical training, causing some confusion.

This is understandable, given just how many different vehicles, vehicle types, licence types and qualifications are out there for you to get your hands on. One of the most common terms you may have come across is a ‘class 2 driver’ – don’t worry, there’s a reason it’s popping up so much in your research, and the team at HGV Training Network will explain all for you, if you’re not in the know.

But whatever you’re looking for in HGV driving, HGVTN will have the right course to help you earn your licence quickly, so you can get out on the open road faster and earn a fantastic living your way.

With this in mind, here’s everything you need to know about what a class 2 driver is and the difference between class 2 drivers and drivers holding slightly different qualifications. Did you know: HGVTN is home to 50 HGV training centres scattered across the UK? So no matter where you are, there will be a training centre for you! Click here to learn more.

What is a class 2 driver? - HGV Training Network

Class 2 lorry licence explained

In simple terms, an HGV class 2 driver is someone who has earned their class 2 licence – also known as an HGV or lorry licence, or Cat C licence – along with their driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence).

It is one of the most common HGV licences carried by drivers on the road today, as it allows them to take the reigns of large vehicles over 7.5 tonnes in weight, but not exceeding 32 tonnes – which accounts for many of the large vehicles you see on Britain’s roads today.

Most learner drivers of large vehicles will be working towards earning a class 2 licence, unless they’ve opted to learn to drive a different type of vehicle that requires a slightly different licence. Plus, the class 2 licence must first be earned before new or more experienced drivers can move on to driving larger, more challenging vehicles (more on this in a moment). But whatever HGV courses are opted for, these learner drivers must already have a standard car licence if they wish to train for a valid HGV licence.

Difference from a class 1 and class 2 driving licence

The next most common licence type you will have come across while researching HGV training is the class 1 licence. 

Also known as the Cat C+E licence, this licence goes one step beyond the class 2 licence in that drivers holding it are allowed to drive vehicles up to 44 tonnes in weight. These vehicles can also have detachable trailers fitted to the back. These are known as articulated vehicles, which can bend in the middle for better manoeuvrability. 

They’re generally larger and more difficult to drive than HGVs that can be driven with a class 2 licence. However, they’re also an attractive prospect for learner drivers, given the higher wages they command.

If you’re further along in your HGV journey than beginner drivers and are interested in upgrading your class 2 licence to a class 1, HGV Training Network can help. So be sure to speak to one of our expert driving instructors today.

What is a class 2 driver? - HGV Training Network

Is there a difference between a lorry licence and a HGV licence?

Technically, no. Both ‘lorry’ and ‘HGV’ are generally considered interchangeable terms that represent large heavy goods vehicles. 

You may also be familiar with the term LGV (Large Goods Vehicle). This used to have an alternate meaning, but since driving standards have changed over time, it is now also recognised as an interchangeable term that represents any large vehicle.

So if you’re wondering whether you need to earn your lorry, LGV or HGV licence, don’t worry. As a rule of thumb, you’ll be shooting for your class 2 licence first, unless you want to drive a different type of vehicle entirely. But this will all be made crystal clear to you by your training provider.

Earn your class 2 licence and learn to drive heavy goods vehicles with HGV Training Network

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