If you already have a Driver CPC Qualification, chances are you will already know exactly what is involved in getting one.

You will also know that this particular qualification doesn’t last forever – you will need to renew it every 5 years to keep your CPC. With the next deadline fast approaching, drivers will need to refresh by the 19th September or they could face the risk of losing their licence and their livelihood – but with the majority having not done this so far, what is stopping people? How can we change this?

Why aren’t drivers doing the training?

There are a few different reasons why drivers do not the same pressure of the impending deadline as they have done in previous years. After conversations with both companies and drivers, experts have put it down to 4 main reasons:

• A belief that the CPC won’t be a requirement after Brexit, so there is no need to renew it

• Operational pressures meaning that drivers are overworked and do not have the time to complete the training

• Cuts in budgets – meaning reduced funding for training courses

• CPC is just a low priority within the role

So, why do you need to do the training?

We know that when you’re busy, the last thing you think of doing is repeating something you have already done – but if you put it off too long, then you could struggle to find places and get trained. You also need 35 hours of training time and if yo leave it too late you will not be able to fit this in. If your license expires, you will not be able to drive HGVs at all – professionally or otherwise.

The Brexit Issue

We wanted to address this concern separately, as it is a genuine concern facing a lot of people – but the important thing to remember here is that even if Brexit does happen, with or without a deal, the CPC won’t go away. The rules won’t have changed before the deadline in September, so you will need to refresh your qualifications no matter what happens come March. Any complications will only delay things and not speed them up, so to drive commercially you will need to renew your Driver CPC.

What Impact Will This Have?

The question you need to ask yourself when deciding whether or not renewing your Driver CPC is a priority is: how much of an impact will it have on your business (or the one you work for) if you were to lose your commercial licence? If you lose your license, you are likely to lose your job and your livelihood. Balance this against the inconvenience of having to take a couple of training days and which one seems better for both you and your business?

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