If you’re keen to get a HGV licence, it can be tempting to think it will be a costly endeavour. But even if you have no idea how much your employer might cover, there are plenty of ways they could make up the difference – or even pay for your training in full.

1. Employee Benefits

If you have an employer that offers employee benefits, it may be possible to get your HGV training costs covered. The most common types of employee benefits are vision care and dental insurance policies, but there are many other options.

To determine if your employer offers a health plan, check with the human resources department or your direct supervisor. If they do not offer one, contact a local broker who specialises in employee benefits (such as a financial advisor). They can provide information on how much your company would expect to pay for each type of policy and how much coverage is available through group plans versus individual ones.

Should all else fail and you’re left paying for HGV training out of pocket…don’t worry! You can still negotiate with your boss for reimbursement after completing the coursework and receiving certification. Simply present them with evidence that shows both enrolment costs, as well as completion fees, were paid by yourself–and then ask nicely if they’ll help out since this was never included within their budgeting process last year when approving annual operating expenses!

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2. Job Swap

If you can’t get your employer to pay for the HGV training, it’s a good idea to encourage them to help you find a way to pay for the training yourself. This could be as simple as swapping shifts with a colleague or family member who already has a licence. You’ll need written permission from your employer, but if you can get this, then it’s possible that they will also cover some of the costs of your training sessions and exams.

You may also be able to swap shifts with someone who lives nearby and has an HGV licence already – if they’re willing to give up their weekends in exchange for yours! While this isn’t guaranteed, it’s definitely worth asking around: people are often eager for more flexibility than their current job offers them (and could therefore be open-minded about such an arrangement).

Another option is job swapping with another company; although this might not always work out smoothly, there are plenty of companies which employ drivers either locally or remotely and might consider working together on such an arrangement–especially if they think it will benefit both parties involved!

3. Unpaid Leave of Absence

If your employer is willing to give you an unpaid leave of absence, it’s usually a good idea to negotiate the length of that leave. This could be anywhere from three months to one year. If you’re lucky, they may even allow two years!

While on this leave of absence, make sure that you:

  • Attend all scheduled training sessions with your trainer(s)
  • Take notes during lessons or do homework overtime off work (if applicable)

4. Study with a transport company

Another way to get your HGV training paid for is by studying with a transport company. These companies will pay you to study, and in return, they’ll offer you a salary while you’re training. You can expect to earn between £15,000 and £35,000 per year as part of this arrangement.

If you find yourself on the right side of one of these contracts—and if you have the right temperament—it could be a good way for you to get started in the industry and make yourself known within it.

Companies that pay for HGV Training - HGV Training Network

5. Company Sponsorship

Over the past few years, company sponsorship has become a more popular way for employers to incentivise their drivers to get HGV training. It’s not surprising: With the shortage of qualified drivers in the UK and the need for companies to keep their employees trained and compliant, it makes sense that they would want to help out those who want to be better prepared on the road.

But how exactly does company sponsorship work? Here are five things you should know if your employer offers this option:

  • You’ll need your employer’s approval before taking part in any training program sponsored by them or their suppliers or partners; they may want some assurance that you’re serious about getting new skills before agreeing to cover them (or else there might be no incentive).
  • You’ll need to formally apply for these courses; many will require proof of employment with an interested party so check out their requirements beforehand if possible so you can prepare yourself accordingly – but again, this means demonstrating commitment from both sides which is great news!

There are plenty of ways to get your HGV training covered by your employer if you’re willing to negotiate.

There are plenty of ways to get your HGV training covered by your employer if you’re willing to negotiate. You’ll need to be prepared to talk to your employer about the benefits of HGV training and explain why you want to do the course. You also need to be able to explain how it will benefit the company.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you’re getting all the training you need to succeed in life and work by talking to your boss about how they can help with funding. You never know, maybe it’s as simple as asking them!

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