For the past few years, the headlines have been full of worrying reports of an HGV shortage – a shortage which was no doubt worsened by the COVID pandemic and working restrictions after Brexit. 

These factors also combined with the early retirement of current drivers and the ever increasing market for online shopping – meaning that more drivers than ever need to be on our roads. 

So, has the HGV shortage been rectified or is it set to continue? 

Do we need more HGV drivers? 

In the periods in and immediately after the last lockdown from March 2021 onwards, there was a shortage of approximately 100,000+ HGV drivers, leading to issues with product availability. 

In the years that have followed, thanks in part to measures brought in by the UK government, the HGV driver shortage has decreased, but current estimates suggest we still need around 35,000 to 40,000 HGV drivers to keep products on the shelves and arriving at your home.  

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Is there still a HGV driver shortage? - HGV Training Network

When will the HGV shortage end? 

Previous government initiatives, including Boot Camps that retrained people as HGV drivers for a lower cost or free, and increased pay or other benefits from employers, have gone a long way to limit HGV shortages and have had a marked impact. 

However, while it has improved, the industry still faces issues, including:

  • Job gaps left by EU citizens 
  • An ageing workforce – only around 2% of HGV drivers are under 25 and the average age of HGV drivers is still around 55
  • IR35, or intermediaries legislation – UK tax legislation which has vastly changed employment practices and attractiveness for HGV drivers 
  • An ever-increasing trend for online shopping and the rise of retail giants, like Temu and Shein, who sell products widely in large volume across the globe
  • Public opinion of HGV driving as a career choice

As such, the industry are expecting to feel the influence of the HGV shortage for a while to come, especially during very busy periods, like Christmas. 

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Is there still a HGV driver shortage? - HGV Training Network

Can the HGV shortage be a possibility? 

The easiest way to curtail the HGV shortage is to retrain as an HGV driver yourself. 

While the shortage of HGV drivers is a bad thing for the economy, for people interested in retraining it provides a wonderful opportunity. 

Whether you are a professional who works in a different field or a recent school leaver just entering the world of work, HGV driving could be the ideal career for you. 

Similarly, as most HGV training can completed in as little as a few months, you’ll soon be enjoying the range of benefits, which includes: 

  • Plentiful work 
  • The freedom to work independently and choose your own hours 
  • Competitive rates of pay 
  • The ability to travel and see more of the UK 
  • Vast progression opportunities 
  • Large numbers of professional driving job types to choose from – allowing drivers to specialise in their personal interests, for example driving HIABs or ADR

Bringing an end to the HGV shortage rate in no time! 

Is there still a HGV driver shortage? - HGV Training Network

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