If you’ve just become a fully qualified HGV driver, or if you’ve been driving HGVs (AKA LGVs) for some years now, you may be starting to wonder, “Do I need to renew my HGV licence?”.

It’s an important question and one you should take seriously if you wish to continue enjoying a long and prosperous career as an HGV driver. But with so many technical details surrounding HGV licence renewals, it can all get a bit confusing at times – “When do I need to renew my HGV licence?” “How do I renew my HGV licence?” “Do I need to retake my HGV test?” and so on.

Luckily, HGV Training Network is here to help. So if you need more details about renewing your current licence, or if your licence expired some time ago and you’re looking to get back into the game, here are a few things you might find helpful.

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Do I need to renew my HGV licence?

In short, yes. The law dictates that you must renew your HGV licence once every five years from the time of first passing your HGV examination and earning your licence. Failure to renew your licence properly means you will be driving illegally every time you step behind the wheel of an HGV, making renewing your licence on time an absolute must if you wish to keep working. Once you have your renewed licence, you’re free to continue driving.

If you allow your HGV licence to expire without renewing it, you will need to retake your HGV driver training and driving test (both practical and theory tests) before being appointed a brand new licence, including your certificate of professional competence (CPC training). This can cost you a lot of time and money, as an expired licence renders you unable to provide for yourself or your family for a time if you drive HGVs for a living, which is why renewing on time should be your biggest priority.

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LGV licence renewal

Whether you refer to the vehicle you drive as an HGV or LGV, if you were appointed your licence in the UK, the rules remain the same – you must renew your LGV licence once every five years if you wish to continue driving large vehicles. Luckily, the process is relatively straightforward.

DVLA HGV licence renewal

Recent changes in the rules mean that the HGV renewal process differs depending on your age – one set of rules for those under 45, and another set of rules for those over 45.

If you are under the age of 45, the process shouldn’t cause you too much hassle. You can renew your HGV licence with the DVLA by following these easy steps:

  • Complete and return the D47PU form – this form should be sent to you automatically within 56 days of your licence expiring. If time is running short and you still have not received the form, you can order the correct forms yourself at this link.
  • Enclose your current HGV licence with the form. You should receive your new licence in the post promptly before your renewal date.

If you are over the age of 45, all of the above still applies, but you will be expected to complete a medical examination report form (D4 form).

You are still able to drive HGVs whilst waiting for your new licence, unless there are special circumstances involved, such as having your licence revoked, or if medical conditions may affect your driving performance. If you’re unsure, you should check with the DVLA.

If you need to change any of the information on your lorry licence – for example, the photo on your photocard licence or if your name has changed – or if you have a paper driving licence, you’ll need to include any relevant documentation confirming these changes before you can receive your new HGV driving licence.

For a new photo, indicate on the form that you need a new picture on your valid licence and include a clear passport photo when you send everything to the DVLA. If your previous licence is a paper licence, you’ll also need to include original documentation confirming your identity along with a passport photo.
Have any other burning questions about HGV licences? Ask away! Get in touch with the team at HGV Training Network and we’d be happy to help.

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DVLA HGV medical renewal

Once you hit the age of 45, undergoing a medical is non-negotiable if you wish to continue driving HGVs. This is to ensure you’re still medically fit to drive HGVs and are not a danger to yourself or others when behind the wheel. You may be banned from driving if you’re found unfit to drive HGVs for medical reasons.

Order the D4 form and take it to your doctor. The doctor will then perform a medical assessment and fill out the form for you before you need to return it with the rest of your documents. Assuming you pass the medical assessment, you should receive your new HGV licence as expected.

Renewal of lorry and bus driving licence

Whether you are renewing a lorry or bus licence, all of the above processes still apply. Simply order the correct forms from the DVLA, fill them out, and return them after having completed any other necessities. You can learn more about this process at the GOV.UK website here.

HGV licence renewal over 65

There are also different rules in place for renewing your HGV licence if you are over 65. Once you hit 65 the period between renewals changes from five years to one – meaning you must renew your HGV licence once a year, every year, after the age of 65. This will include a medical assessment. If you fall into this category and need an HGV licence renewal, you can follow the same GOV.UK link as above for guidance.

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