Considering a change of career? Are you bored and uninspired by your current job and want to expand your horizons?

Retraining as an HGV or LGV driver opens up an exciting new occupation, with plentiful job opportunities, a fantastic work-life balance, and a great starting salary

So, how long does it take to train as an HGV driver? Read on to find out once and for all. 

How long is the process from start to finish?

To complete every step, we expect it will take you around 2-3 months to retrain as an HGV driver.

This means that it is possible to be ready for your new career in no time at all!

However, as some of the drivers we train have already started the process, it could be even quicker again depending on how many of the stages you have completed historically. 

How long does HGV training take?

Step One: Complete the D2 and D4 forms

The very first step of HGV training includes filling in your D2 and D4 application forms, which are available from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and in your Welcome pack when you book the course. Your dedicated HGVTN Training Coordinator will help you with this and will also arrange your medical test on your behalf. 

The D2 application form puts the correct lorry entitlement on your license as a learner – allowing you to begin your HGV training. You will then take your D4 form to your medical test to be passed as medically fit to drive a large road vehicle. 

Your medical test simply includes assessing your eyesight and blood pressure, as well as your general health, so it is nothing to be nervous about. 

How long will this take? 

HGVTN can book medical tests on your behalf in as little as 3-4 days. We would advise that you use this time while you wait for your appointment to revise for your theory tests and fill out the paperwork for your D2 application – allowing you to use your time effectively. 

Once the D2 and D4 forms have been completed and sent off with your driver’s licence, the DVLA can take between 1-3 weeks to process your licence and return it to you. 

How long does HGV training take?

Step Two: Revise for and complete your theory test

Just like obtaining a driving licence for a car, there is a theoretical component of the testing you need to pass to gain your HGV licence. 

You should aim to start your theory revision as soon as you can, which when partnered with HGVTN’s online theory test software – will ensure you are ready to pass your test in no time. 

The test comes in three parts and includes multiple-choice questions, a hazard perception test, and a CPC Module 2 case studies test. 

How long will this take?

How long this stage takes is up to you, as you should only take the theory tests when you feel ready and confident that you will pass. This means that for some it could take a few weeks, and for others, a few months. 

However, it is important to remember that you don’t need to wait for your D2 and D4 paperwork to be complete before you start revising. You can start this as early as you would like which will help you to speed up the process if you want to get out on the open road sooner rather than later.

How long does HGV training take?

Step Three: Commence practical training and take your practical test 

This next stage involves beginning your 5-day intensive driving course in the run-up to your practical test. 

This takes place over 5 days, starting on Monday morning, and culminating on Friday afternoon with your practical test. 

 The practical test includes vehicle safety questions and 1 hour of road driving, including 10 minutes of independent driving where you must make decisions without the assistance of your driving examiner. 

Your week of practical HGV training from HGVTN will allow you to navigate confidently and capably on the roads while answering the vehicle safety questions – just as you did during your car driving test. 

Our high-quality and experienced instructors will work one-on-one with you during the week to prepare you for your practical test – ensuring you can drive safely, show awareness, and anticipate other road users while dealing with hazards.  

How long will this take?

This part of your HGV driver journey will be completed in one working week, from Monday to Friday, inclusive. 

Drivers CPC Check - HGV Training

Part Four: CPC tests 

This last stage of the process includes achieving your Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) qualification – something much of the industry now insists on if you are to drive professionally. 

This extra qualification has been introduced to improve road safety and maintain high standards of driving, which is essential given the size and weight of the HGVs on the road. 

The CPC qualification is made up of two modules, named Module 2 and 4, which are completed alongside your theory tests and practical training respectively. 

Module 2 is theoretical and involves answering multiple-choice questions on a computer – HGVTN offers all students access to our CPC theory training software to allow you to practice and revise for this test. 

Module 4 is practical but does not include driving. Instead, it focuses on demonstrating skills that HGV drivers will rely on when working, including checking vehicle loading, using restraining devices to secure a load, and checking the vehicle is roadworthy before entering a public highway. 

Once completed and passed, drivers will be issued their initial DQC which is valid for 5 years. When this has elapsed, drivers must undertake further periodic driver CPC training – 35 hours every 5 years. 

How long does this take? 

The Module 2 test is completed while you sit your theory tests, meaning that you don’t have to spend time commuting back and forth from the theory test centre throughout your training. 

The Module 4 test will be booked in for you during your practical training week, which means that when you complete your practical test on the Friday afternoon you will have all of the qualifications you need to start your new career! 

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