If you’re planning on becoming an LGV driver, you’ve already made a great decision that’ll set you on a new and exciting career path.

But to become an LGV driver, you’ll need to pass all the relevant tests, so you can head out on the open road safe in the knowledge you’re a fully-qualified driver with the skills you need to succeed.

Much like your standard driving tests, you’ll need to pass an LGV theory test, too, if you want to drive these vehicles professionally.

In this blog, we’ll look at the steps involved in preparing for your LGV theory test, the things you need to do, and what your LGV theory test will consist of, so you can be as prepared as possible to pass first time.

LGV theory test - HGV Training Network
Theory test LGV

How is the LGV theory test set up?

The LGV theory test is made up of two parts:

  • 1a: Multiple choice test
  • 1b: Hazard perception test

You can take both sections of the tests at different times, if you like. But if you don’t complete both parts within 24 months of each other, you will have to redo them.

To pass the hazard perception test, you’ll need to score a minimum of 67 out of 100. For the theory test, you need a pass mark of 85 out of 100.

If you pass both sections, you’ll be presented with an LGV theory test certificate which you can then use to book your practical test. But you’ll also need to pass your CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) qualification if you want to drive professionally.

LGV theory test - HGV Training Network
LGV theory test

The best way to practice for your LGV theory test

To give you the best chance of passing your LGV theory test the first time, HGV Training Network offers all our learners the chance to revise using our DVSA Theory Test Software.

If you remember practicing for your first driving theory test when you were learning to drive, you may be familiar with the type of software used, depending on your age.

The hazard perception revision is a digital simulation consisting of video clips of occurrences you’re likely to encounter when out on the road. The software will ask you to make a response during the situation, which will go towards your overall score.

All the revision tools you’ll find at HGV Training Network are monitored and kept up to date with the latest standards as set by the DVSA, meaning you’ll always be studying the most relevant material for your test.

You’ll also be able to revise LGV theory test questions, using questions from the official Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency, so you know you’ll be answering the questions and topics that will appear on your actual test.

Because the software is available to use for anyone with a computer (or similar device like a tablet or smart phone) and an internet connection, you can revise for your LGV theory test from the comfort of your own home. 


HGV Training Network has 52 official training centres throughout the UK, so no matter where you live you’ll always be within a reasonable distance of one, so you can complete your learning and revision without needing to travel endless miles every week. 

LGV theory test - HGV Training Network
How to prepare for LGV theory test

Other ways you can prepare for your LGV theory test

The LGV hazard perception test is arguably the most intimidating part of the LGV theory test process. This is because, unlike the multiple-choice section, the reaction times of those taking the test come into play, so it’s not a black-and-white answer scenario.

Those who fail their LGV theory test usually let themselves down on the hazard perception test, which is why a lot of focus is given to this section during revision.

*Want to know more about the LGV theory test or LGV driving in general? Get in touch with HGV Training Network today and one of our expert team members will be happy to answer any questions you have.

However, beyond revising with our official software, there are other ways you can improve your perception of hazards and sharpen your reaction times.

For example, there are plenty of examples on YouTube of similar test scenarios you can use to improve your reaction times so that you can do a better job than expected during your actual test.

These videos won’t be the exact same as the ones you’ll be presented with in your LGV theory test, but they’ll present you with similar scenarios you can use to perfect your timing.

Riding as a passenger in real-life drives is also a clever way to learn how to spot a developing hazard.

As you move, keep your eyes peeled for cars pulling out, people spontaneously walking across the road and similar hazards you’d expect to find on the hazard perception test.

Eventually, you’ll become such a natural at spotting these hazards in the world that the real test will feel like second nature to you.

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If you’re ready to move forward with your LGV training, it’s time to book your LGV theory test and begin your revision.

We also offer plenty of other qualifications including bus driver training allowing you the chance to take your PCV theory test and HGV theory test, depending on what vehicles you want to drive.

At HGV Training Network, we’ll provide you with all the tools you need to pass your test with flying colours, taking you one step closer to driving large vehicles professionally.

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