People are always a bit curious and they want to test the limits with something new, something amazing and something different. With this thought in mind, truck drivers across the globe made something new, amazing and more precisely – different.

Here are the 5 longest trucks in the world, and a little about their history.

5 Longest Trucks in the world - HGV Training Network

5. The Peterbilt Truck.

Mainly considered a class 8 truck, the Peterbilt is the 5th entry in this list. The back of this truck is extremely large and long – it is complete with a polished body and an outstanding look. With companies all over the world using this truck, it is most commonly used to serve cold drinks for companies.

4. The Lindsay Transport B-Double

One of the longest trucks in the world, this mighty truck is named Lindsay Transport B Double. Extremely large for its capability to pull two trailers at a time. Unlike any other ordinary trucks, this vehicle has 18 wheels and can pull really heavy loads. The ability to run two trailers allows companies to enjoy cost and time savings by being able to deliver two trips at once.

Worlds longest trucks - HGV Training Network

3. The Volvo NH-15

This road train is used all over the Americas – with it most commonly found in remote areas of the United States, Canada, Argentina and Mexico as well as commonly carrying freight all over Australia. This truck is known as a road train for its ability to run two or three trailers in just one trip. Originally produced to serve the shipping industry, it delivered a huge amount in just one trip.

2. The Mighty Mack Titan

This heavy-duty truck is produced by the famous car marker Mack Trucks. At the very beginning, the company produced the 18-wheel Mack Titan at the Australian market in early 1995. 23 years later the second version of this Mack Titan was produced in North America in 2008.

The heavy-duty frame can easily deal with the stress of carrying nearly 200 tonnes. Having a huge engine, this truck is one of the greatest – remaining the longest truck in the world until the Australian road train was produced.

Worlds Longest Trucks - HGV Training Network

1. The Giant Australian Road Train

Also known as the land train, the Australian road train is one of the biggest and longest trucks in the world – used in rural areas of Europe, Australia and the United States. This truck is mainly a custom-built truck, fitted with some 28 axles and more than 100 wheels.

Suited for back road areas for it’s shape and carrying capacity this truck is mainly used to deliver huge amounts of materials to farms and mining companies. The rig is nearly 160 feet long and it can carry up to 205 tonnes at any one time.

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